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By AaronBurns
Just like your "Favorites" Menu; you can move Menu Items and transfer all Software Menu options to any Menu Title Heading and Even Grab and add From an Add and Deleted Menu. So, you get some Software like, a Paint Program, for instance and realize you always need to hit five buttons or items first just to begin so, you rearrange those plus your favorites under one Menu Bar Title Heading and Rename the Menu's Name's to suit you!
You would also be able to choose the Menu Item's "Word" or corresponding "Button" to your choice and color. Just to make software easy!

Reward: To Rename, Add, Delete, rearrange and color the huggest program and create a zip file of useless commands! Like there's no useless commands! Ha, ha, ha!
By Uniqly
I think this is better suited for a browser extension. Removing the base nav in favor of a custom job could have some unintentional side if new pages, sections are added after the custom nav is created? I think this would be good for optimizing an individuals flow within a system but it could impede discovery.
By NCoppedge
My post at bears some resemblance. It might be interesting to compare the two.

I know Microsoft uses some degree of user customization already, with selectable background images, custom interface, etc. There is even part of Windows (User Settings probably) where you can select icon colors, and sometimes even transparency. It is likely that these kinds of options have been available for some of the new phones as well.

So for my answer, I tried to push it further, into an area that could effect programming: there could be some kind of objective interface for "morphing between diagrams" for example (in turn affecting logical relations of formats and documents, even text output), or in the context of a mega-program, tying music to images or something. Parts of the big interface dream. The key on one level is customization (they say the key for robot morality is interactivity, autonomy, and adaptability: this could factor in some of these elements).
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