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By Paket08
Future Parcel Innovation Award Create the parcel of tomorrow

Muenster University of Applied Sciences, Germany and the world�s market leader in international express, DHL, are currently looking for ideas for the �parcel of tomorrow�. People from all over the world will work together to solve problems and find solutions. The ideas are collected online and can be viewed, commented and rated by everyone - it is an open platform.

Stop dreaming about a better future, create it. How often will you get the opportunity to create the future as you want it? Let your mind wander and send us your ideas and/or additional thoughts to other people's ideas in many different categories (e.g. Products, Services, or Packaging). The best ideas of each category will be awarded with the Future Parcel Innovation Award.

Take your opportunity now by thinking, dreaming and creating the �packet of tomorrow and then send it in to us. If you are not yet inspired, take the chance to go to the Future Parcel website and use one of our creative techniques or even review the ideas already submitted and suggest improvements.

Or submit your ideas directly to:

We are looking forward to your innovative, groundbreaking or just amusing idea.

The future is yours if you want it!

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