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By Antonin Prohaska
Did it ever happen to you that you touched glasses with someone and all that was left in your hand afterwards was the handle of your beer mug? I think that beer mugs should pass certain crash tests before they're allowed to be sold. Incidents to be tested: Harsh setting down on a stone table, frontal collision with another beer mug, and of course (very dangerous) lateral impact, which can easily occur with four or more beer drinkers at the same table. - Who knows, maybe future beer mugs will even be equipped with a crushable bin as standard?

Reward: Free beer or free beer glasses, whichever is more convenient.
By Lizard
Did someone say "FREE BEER" ?
By lazyboy
thats what im talking about your a great thinker of are century you rock same goes for them blow up dolls i cant keep one inflated long enough
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By Michael D. Grissom
Have you ever noticed that the manufacturers of beer bottles were smart enough to put 50 or so little glass feet around the bottom perimeter of the bottles so they don't stick to the bar napkins. Bar glasses and mugs should have the same feature don'tcha think?

As far as the breakage goes, a mug that would survive the coordination of a couple of blitzed drunks would be far too expensive. Also, the people who market the glasses wouldn't stand for that (follow the money).

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