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By amorriso
I think it would be cool to have clear plastic windows in the floors of cars so that the passengers could see the road whizzing along underneath them as they are driving along.

Reward: A free car with this feature installed
By nagendrakd
At low speed it can be fun but at high speeds it can make you feel tripsy. Also, cleaning underneath during rainy or off road drive can be cumbersome.

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By swimmer
They can be made like upper windows in car top . Closed and opened ... used when needed and protected from dirt or water or ... when no needed.
By indigo
Unfortunately, such a sliding cover (like for sun/moon roofs) would itself get very dirty, and after repeated use, that dirt would deposit into the pocket the cover slides into and quickly gum up the works, meaning the cover would eventually get stuck in either the open or closed position.

On the other hand, with windows looking at the road, advertisers could purchase space on the surface of the road, and revenues could be used to improve infrastructure, including more mass transit and other "greener" solutions.
By Rjoto
ummm, wouldn't ya'all kinda rather have a *safer* car instead?

Regardless of how this would be implemented, structural integrity would suffer. Hence, safety compromised.

Me, I'd rather arrive alive and be glad some driver *looking at boring asphalt through a transparent floor* didn't kill me :)
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