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By bubblyangel
A quick, simple idea to remove body hair temporarily without the mess.

You leave the hot water running to prepare a bath, and pour in a couple of drops of a special hair removal bath-gel which activates hair removal. Once the bathtub is full, you lay in the tub, soaked from neck to toes. After 10 minutes or so of soaking, you finish the bath, jump into the shower and your body hair will just simply fall off easily with the touch of a sponge.

Brilliant idea for the hairy men and women out there, who want a quick removal of body (+ pubic) hair.

I would buy tons of it!!!!

Reward: If invented, I would only want to receive a free sample of the goods. No further contact.
By dreamit
It sounds great but I'm not sure it would be safe. Usually anything that could remove hair (esp. thick, long hair) in just a few minutes is fairly toxic, especially if used often. Soaking your whole body in the stuff might have some negative side effects. Otherwise, awesome.
By russelcrow
Well this is wonderful idea for removing the unwanted hair. If this idea turns real then people will not use the razor and the other stuff for removing the hair.
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By darlenehill19
I have two questions.. :S
1. Are there any side effects involve in this full body treatment?? [there must be a chemical reaction between hairs VS gel]
2. What kind of bath-gel you are talking about??
Are you sure a touch of a sponge can remove the hairs..
And off course I am bit concerned about the sensitive body areas...what will be the impact on them??
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By Solenoid
There is at least one chemical compound that really dissolves hair, it's called thioglycol acid. It is used in depilatory creams, at about 5% concentration. The downsides are: t.a. is very stinky and can trigger allergic reactions, skin rash etc. Such products are not intended for extensive application, contact with the mucous membranes should be avoided by all means...This pretty much takes a bathing out of the equation...

Perhaps another chemical? :)
By Symmetry
I think a whirlpool with the chemical in it would be more effective than just a plain still-water bath. And it doesn't have to be done all in one treatment. Put a little bit of the chemical in the water, then come back in a few day/weeks, however long it takes until you reach the desired results. This to me is the ultimate hair removal system, no drugs or anything else like that. What do you all think?
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