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By fenixIndustries
Be able to power your lamps and other electrical things without a power cord. One main machine sends electricity harmlessly through the air, and whenever you turn something on that has a receiver, it pulls the electricity from the air. You never have to deal with cords again!

Reward: a hot fudge sundae
By Dinoduck94
There is a new developing technology at the moment that uses strangely enough bluetooth and infra-red to send the electrical signals to receptors in the devices around the room. The only problem i can think of is that it would cost a lot of money to link up all your electrical devices to the emmiter and what if you walk through the beam of infra-red, would it cut the circuit?
By pantangliubao
In order to maximize network quality but maintain low costs, the world's employers are looking for network specialists who has high-level training, that to keep up with the latest technology. Cyber world is a competitive field where the complexity is continued to increase with the development of technology
A good example is the Cisco 642-357 certification which was the most popular one at that time for a few years ago. At the moment, part of IT professionals go ahead, get promote by certificate, require substantial financial returns, and then every person who accepts Cisco certification, dreams high salaries and high-level jobs, Cisco became a hot technical certificate at talent market immediately. Even today, Cisco is still one of the most important technology certifications in the public eye. For example, a person whose major is software, with some experience, and certain amount of time, money, in order to achieve a better development, he wanted to test a certification, what certification to choose? CCNP, CCNA, CCIE, CCNP is the more appropriate for him than the CCNP certification. Why to think so? Take Cisco 642-812 certification as an example, the value of certification has two parts.
First is its knowledge value. In obtaining the 642-825 certificate, one has to heighten his knowledge and apply it to practice and thus enrich his experience. In other words, his productivity is intensified. Second, reputation value, authentication measures the individual skill level relatively fairly, access to certification means that you have mastered certain skills.
You will be disappointed if you are concentrated on short-term economic returns. Many top technical certificate such as Cisco certification is not "once and for all", and they will be continuously updated as technology development, also equipped with the corresponding replacement process.
That is, every 2 to 3 years, holders of the original Cisco 642-845 certificate must receive follow-up training, including a period of classroom learning, the latest technology demonstration or participation in the corresponding technical discussion groups which can ensure the effectiveness of technical certification. Otherwise, these "golden- built" certificates are a wasted piece of paper. Now versatile talents are in great demand. People who are in possession of several certificates, such as Cisco 642-892 certificate and Cisco certificate, will have an edge over his competitors. But you first must figure out the field you like best and the aspects you are keen on. If the answer is negative on both questions, then don't force on.Since most steeple-crowned technical certification belong to high-end technique, beside training, it is required of many years of work experience, and these certificates themselves are very difficult. According to the survey, the individual salary will be increased in a level after acquiring a certain certificate. If the adoption of CCNP certification, pay is increased by 40% -50% on average; if adopted Cisco CCNP certification, pay is increased by 40% - 60% on average.
By byronlewis
Sony has invented a prototype power technique that can send sufficient electricity to power a television set wirelessly over a short distance.
By samyjones
There is a new technology in development today which curiously uses Bluetooth and infrared to send electrical signals to receivers in devices around the room. The only problem I can think of is that cost too much to connect all your appliances emmits.The wireless transfer of energy or power wireless transmission of electricity from a power source to an electrical load interconnection childless. Wireless transmission is useful in cases where the son of the interconnection is uncomfortable, dangerous or impossible.
By Dncan85
The transmission of electrical and magnetic fields are a constant occurance. Radio and television signals are simple examples. Lightning causes the air to ionize and this ionization creates a conduit for its path to ground and the return path to the cloud. I would not want to try to harness this as a reliable power source.
By DaWhigit
As has been pointed out, it is not necessarily true that you would need a "base station" for this system since there is constantly energy in the air. The issue lies in harvesting this energy, and should a base station be required, transmitting enough energy directly to electronics (especially those that require lots of power) will be difficult to do without emitting radiation.
By Solenoid
It seems to me that the person who post this ''idea'' is actually fishing for good solutions from others :) He offered no solution, just told us about an old problem. Solving it could mean billions of dollars for the owners of the idea...If they don't give it to the public domain of course :)
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