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By Ronh20
The below described proposal presents how to make Monoatomic gold from sea water by a method of distillation. It presents how many chemicals can be released by heat and cool.

Notation should be made that the arc use by David Hudson to produce rhodium was C2 or diatomic carbon which was derived from the sun as an additional ray.



The oceans contain many chemicals. To date only a few have been discovered in sufficient quantity to justify mining. Things such as salt and bauxite have been mined for considerable time. What about the other chemicals in the seas. They too can be mined by a process of cooling and heating which releases, due to chemical boiling point, the pure chemical. Take for example the chemical dolomite, which is abundant in the ocean, and combine it with salt water and cesium, you would get a chemical reaction which would release hydrogen and the heat from the reaction would explode the hydrogen making a very hot environment.

The reaction would give off sodium dioxide, cesium chloride which would evaporate, leaving many chemicals exposed by them reaching their boiling points. One of the elements exposed would be gold. And a by product of gold, monoatomic gold. When monoatomic gold is placed in proximity with diatomic carbon it becomes rhodium and gamma rays.

The opposite is true for chemicals below freezing. Take liquid nitrogen at absolute zero and cool this solution to the maximum and slowly let the heat rise boiling off the elements.

The end product of this mechanism would be valuable chemical elements such as gold, rhodium just to mention two but there are many more. It would produce desalinated water for crop irrigation at no cost for the element recovery would more than pay for the process and the raw materials such as cesium which are required. Other raw materials are freely available, I. e. salt water.

The heat from the reaction would cause steam. This run through a turbine would produce electricity.. So you have two sources of power. The monatomic gold which would be a super-conductor and turbine electricity to provide the source. If David Hudson is right the super-conductor is a endless energy source.


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