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By showmethegadget
Introduce a system of 'survival' tokens in varying denominations which the public can purchase from high street stores, then give instead of cash to the homeless. The tokens would be exchangable for food, clothing and non-alcoholic drinks.
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good idea, but someone would find a way to take advantage of it. (Look at food stamps) Too bad our society wasn't like it was in 50's TV shows. :,-(
By Tommahawk
Don't believe the hype. People who make it to government are by no means poor, the taxes and other funds they create to procure money makes and keeps them filthy rich. Where the hell do you think it goes????

Noy my back pocket that's for sure, I know that because I don't get a 500,000 dollar a year travel allowance.

The public systems are always under scrutiny by the public for being un-acceptable and then you hear governments talking in bazillions about how their going to do something.

They're crooks, and they don't care about your employment concerns unless they are or when they are politically motivated.
By pooface228
if your going to take the time to purchase these coins for random homless persons. Then why don't you take the time to give to a charity that helps random homless person. I think that you underestimate the greediness of people.
By tulrain
I live in one of the biggest homeless capitols of the U.S. Instead of wasting all this time and money on them (at least in America), I think most of these people just need a dictionary (for good vocabulary), toothbrush, toothpaste, a nice set of clothes, a razor, and then they need to go and get a job. They could all afford this with all of the money they get by begging. Almost all of these people rake in more than any person working a regular job. One in my city even has a bank account with a reasonable amount of cash in it. The reason they will keep looking like they do is because it gives them profit. Looking pitiful gives them money. Thus every stop light they get a $$ dollar $$. Multiply this by how many times the light turns red in a given hour, then multiply that number by how many hours the hobo stays along the curb. Thus we find out that he is making more money than minimum wage. On the other hand, the hobo usually has an addiction that got him/her this way, so they never really have money because it is spent on this addiction of alcohol, drugs, etc.
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By Michael D. Grissom
EXCELLENT IDEA yair3777338 ;-D ;-D ;-D

All you need are tokens with an 8 hour expiration date and only good for food.

Street machines would take your money and despense the dated tokens. Licenced food vendors would have about 24 hours to cash them in. hmmmmm

I think this idea is well worth brainstorming! Suggestions anyone?
By tulrain
Yes Grissom, your idea needs ***tweaking***

Who is going to spend the money on these tokens that expire? Who will turn them into this currency? Who pays for the ones that get lost and dissappear? THE TAXPAYERS!! Each "8" days they will need to be made again. Also the government would not play that game; maybe socialist Canada, or Australia. So if this idea passed, what I would do at that point is make it illegal for the hobos to sit and beg, because we have now solved their problem of food! They don't need to make cities look like trash anymore!
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By Michael D. Grissom
tulrain<--- is obviously intellectually gifted but unfortunately chooses to use that gift to only find fault (misdirected gift in MY opinion). It's so sad that with a gift like that, he lacked the ability to use it constructively. His gift, redirected, could have made him a brainstorming guru on this site but, he refused after several warnings. He forced us to choose between all of you and him and, if you think about it, what choice did we have? So, he's been banned from this site. I'm USA and hate sensorship more than you could possibly imagine but, sometimes people will force the choice. I chose.
By Rishi
Dear Grissom,
There is a chronic shortage of coins and small currency in Delhi. Guess what is the solution? Public bus transport tikets! These are used as alternate currency everywhere. Ordinary people use them regularly for everything. They do not last long. But they are all nickel or less. So no one minds losing a couple.

They are also given to beggars. As an out of towner I ended with a bunch of these tickets. A pavement tobacconist obligingly changed them for me into the coin of the realm at face value.

You get these tokens from the bus conductors, who routinely account for the sale. So there is nothing really illegal. Except that the government will not reimburse you for a torn or defaced currency.

Actually I thought of posting this idea, using tear resistant Polyester film for the regular small denomination currency instead of heavy coins, which weigh down a wallet. THis is as good a place as any.

New ideas are precious. They have to be nurtured. I agree with you fully.

By The_Wise
Of course! tokens!
By bullrider
they already do this in a few canadian citys
By GadgetmanKen
Perhaps restaurants could have token vending machines, similar to gumball/prize machines. The machines could be sold to the restaurants and special tokens with their names on it would be dispensed with say one 50 cent token for every 75 cents. A portion, of that say goes to the restuarant to help pay for the machines and the cost to make the tokens. The restaurant obliviously keeps the money. Then the tokens could be given to the homeless and when they recieve enough tokens to pay for a meal they simply go to the restaurant and get it. That way, they don't spend it elsewhere. If the homeless person doesn't like that restaurant they could exchange them with the homeless friends. Or help another homeless friend by giving it to them. In all reality, do they know what it feels like to give back to someone in need? Perhaps motels could do the same albiet they would need a lot more tokens, but they could save them for a rainy day or whatever. If they need clothing perhaps Goodwill could do the same. etc, etc. Grocery stores for necessities, like health aids, etc., etc.
By z038ie5
Grissom, the solution is not tokens. its business cards. the business cards have the shelter address, and what they provide. someone sell the business cards for 4/$1 and give the money to the shelter. this way the shelter can provide all the food they need, or anything else they need to get to help the homeless.
If your going to take the time to go and buy tokens, then why dont you just ask them if they're hungry and want something to eat? then go buy some food that they want if they are. Im sure one meal a week isnt out of most peoples budget. Also you will probably get to know a few of the locals, and hear some pretty interesting stories.
By amorriso
I think that the token system that you are proposing would end up being misused. Some homeless people would just sell them to people for cash and use the cash to buy the drugs/alcohol that they want. In the city where I live there are people who stand around subway stations and accost people who are entering them and tell them a sad story about how they have no subway tokens or money and thus cannot get home. Some people give them subway tokens, doubtless thinking that they could not be used for anything else other than the subway. There are also people who hang around subway stations and sell people subway tokens for cash at less than the subway collectors sell them for. It took me a while to figure out that these two activities are done by the same people. Substance abusers can be very deceitful and manipulative. :,-(
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