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By juan.ceballos
Imagine an insuline doser inserted in patient's leg that checks constantly your blood and delivers the right amount of insuline when needed. You can recharge insuline with an injection to the doser, and you can recharge its battery by using a band that creates a magnetic field when needed. You can use this kind of doser for almost any medicament. A variant can be used to generate electric stimulus.

Reward: To live in a healthier world
By stikelighting
I was under the impression that insulin has to be refridgerated? But other than thought, I think it is a wonderful and life changing concept!
By Rishi
Many dosers are already in the market. The issue is reliable monitoring of whatever variable is to be controlled.

However, many monitoring and dosing devices are already at various levels of development.
By imarte2001
Imagine a device connected via bluetooth to your smartphone using the latest monitoring apps. capable of sending info to your doc!. What about that?
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