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By test
I think it would be really cool if there was a drunk-proof car. ... something that was designed specifically to cater to the inebriated. The main selling feature of this car (or van) would be that if you got pulled over by smokey, no problem.

Customer:"it's alll-right ossifer. I'm in a highmobile".

Police: Ah, so you are. Pro-ceed.

This could be something as simple as a cardbox box with wheels drawn with Crayon. ... with a good stereo of course. (:

Reward: a statue errected in my honor.
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I don't know how socially moral it is, but I would LOVE to see some idiot in a "cardbox box with wheels drawn with Crayon". The visual only gets better with the "smokey" (as I call them "da fuzz") actually pulling it over. It would be a great COPS video. Thanks for the laugh! :-D
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By CycoMage
I do believe that, given todays technology, with GPS and a continually updated computer mapping system, a few sensors on the car and several in the roadway (like those stupid white buttons), this idea is not only achievable but will be forced upon the consumer by Big Momma Govt., just like airbags (the 1st safety device w/ a warning lable). B-)
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By Greenearthman
This has already been invented its called a taxi.

Aside from being sarcastic, Have you seen "Total Recall" with Arnold S. and there is a johnny car or something where a small robot drives people around on a rail type road system. But a vehicle that drives itself would be a logical solution to your problem and the technology has been invented by car makers and will be mass marketed within 30yrs or so
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By Michael D. Grissom
YES but my car is made out of recycled cardboard, uses no gas, has no keys, doesn't have enough mass to do any damage, and wouldn't cost more than $5 -- perfect for drunks! LOL

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