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By the_absolute_probability
Have you guys ever used ear buds? Those things that we use to clan the ears (they have cotton swabs at either end..ring a bell?) well I have often had this difficulty which is that when I use them for some reason the cotton starts to unwind.... and so I have to rotate it in the opposite direction. Now if the company that is manufacturing it were to print on the plastic stick the direction of the motion in which the swab has to be rotated to clean the ear it would make my life easier....

Reward: oh nothing...
By Majesticmare
I don't use them that often but what makes you think that they would spend all that money on ink? It would REALLY add upp
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By Michael D. Grissom
...add in a few strands of the new biogenetically engineered Colored Cotton now available in the US and you'll be able to SEE which way your ear buds (branded cotton swabs in the US) were wound.

BTW, if anyone is living near where they are made, a simple phone call to their suggestion committee or marketing director might get this into production relatively quick. It really wouldn't cost them anything because the cotton has to be spun anyway and it would give them a definate marketing advantage over competitors.
By Zing
you can try wiping with instead of turning the Q-tips. maybe the hairs inside your ears are unravelling the cotton. it would be cool for kids especially to have swirally q tips bt that ink may cost a bunch as well.

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