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By Anthony989
How about a device that you hook up near your filter in your pool that you can set a timer on and it will automatically test the pool for its chemicals and then fix them accordingly. All you have to worry about is filling up the reserves and this could be set to the middle of the night so no one is in the pool.

Reward: an inground pool :D, my name on the product will do.
By Tommahawk
Great idea, but I find people generally have the best ideas only you can't be a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer and everthing else at the same time, that's letters come in. I usually write to the people who have some control over new products, this sounds like you should if you haven't already.

Cool Idea ;-D
By Barleyman
Actually, there are such systems installed in many industrial applications monitoring and regulating ph and such. I am surprised that I have never heard of anyone making something of the like for residential pools. I think it is a great idea, whether it has been done or not.
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