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By Patrik Pedersen
This one sounds like an harassment tool, but it's really not. I got this idea on one of those evenings when you look around and simply ask yourself: "Where are all the women?!" - Quite frankly, little is known about the migration routes of males and females in our societies. We take it for granted that men and women show up in bars and restaurants in certain times of the day, but if they don't, we have no clue what has happened or where they are (unless there's a Ricky Martin concert round the corner).

My idea is for a device issuing a "male" or "female" signature, that people can carry on a voluntary basis. Then, on a larger map (maybe on a website), it could be clearly seen where men and women really are. This information might be personally useful to folks looking for a date and scientifically interesting all in one. Of course, carrying such a device would be completely voluntary (what else!). The signal would be anonymous and the most important feature of the device being that you can turn it off. Moreover, a signal would only be issued if a certain number of individuals carrying such a device are in the same spot (thus eliminating the risk of any dangerous encounters). - This technology could be used by people who enjoy the company of men or women, or also by those who want to avoid one of the two.

Reward: Just do it.
By Rev.
There is a fairly new technology that I believe is being used in Japan only right now. Probably the size of a Palm Pilot or so. It's a rather small devise that simply fits in your pocket or purse. You tell it all about yourself, like whether or not you smoke, how old you are, etc. and what of those things you are looking for in a relationship. When you do go out, not only can you find if there are other singles around, it lets you know how compatible the other users are with you, you with them, and I believe it has the ability to text message that person.
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By Steve
Cool - what a grand idea! ;-D

I imagine the final version like this: If you pass the (possible) love of your life, an alarm will go off, there will be a spotlight on both of you (everything else will turn dark, of course) and out of nowhere, harp music will start playing. If you bought the premium version, a dark van will stop right beside you (screeching brakes), and they will drag you to the nearest Italian restaurant for a candlelight dinner. Neat, eh? :-]
By someone
LMAO :-P this idea remineds me of a dog sniffing a hidrant ...haha
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By Michael D. Grissom
Go to Sarasota, FL where there is the highest ratio of men to women in the USA -- 7 women for every man (1998)

THEY will chase YOU!

What the heck was I thinking when I left there?

I'd go back in a flash if there was any industry. Most of the famous Sunday paper cartoonist live there and meet every Thursday night at Neptunes bar on the beach for drink and draw night.
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By Steve
Sounds good - how many of them are over 60? ;-7
By sarahtia
Oh boy, that would result in many more stalkers, wouldn't it. Pictue this. You're out walking down the street, looking for a date, and you've got this thing turned on. And sooner or later you're being followed by someone in a car. You turn the device off, but of course, now they've spotted you. Running isn't going to do anything, they're in a car after all. So you're pretty much stuck right there. :-?
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