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By Sea Bass
Ok here's my idea. Whenever there is a war declared. The President/Prime Minister/Dictator/King/Whatever you have, has to go and fight in the front lines of the war. During this period of time the Vice President/Whatever will take over the duties of leader of the nation. I believe that this would force our authorities to give diplomacy much more of a chance instead of letting their military might do the talking.
By tulrain
Rule #1: War is usually fought by soldiers in their teens and twenties.
Rule #2: Elected officials to office should be situated in office and not the battlefield. This is not the middle-ages where the King was a romanticized fighter during a war.
Rule #3: Who fights after the leader dies. The queen, first lady, etc...or is it the second in command? What happens when he/she dies? Do we just dwindle down our entire govt.? By the way how is Queen Elizabeth II when it comes to fighting on the battlefield?
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By Michael D. Grissom
Although idealistic Sea Bass, it's such a novel idea that they actually made a movie based on this concept -- only each side picked their single best soldier and both were dropped on a deserted island to fight it out.

BTW -- is there any such thing as a 'salt water bass' or is that why you picked "Sea Bass" for your cool user name? ;-D
By A_Guy_Outta_Ideas
While a fairly good idea, how could we enforce it? I may have missed the whole point, but the problem I see is that some leaders may not follow the protocol.
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By Steve
A_Guy_Outta_Ideas wrote:While a fairly good idea, how could we enforce it? I may have missed the whole point, but the problem I see is that some leaders may not follow the protocol.

I guess that for once it's not something that can be forced on others, but a requirement that a democratic society can choose for its own leaders. :-?
By ZethEphdel
I see a few problems with the idea (sorry for being critital)
first of all, if all wars were fought between the politicians, than people would select their politicians for a different reason than actual ability to lead nations, but instead for the best fighters.
Second of all, we already have someone who is supposed to fight our wars for us, a politicain would become the same as a soldier.
I guess you could choose a national champion to fight (essentially the same thing) How would the battles be conducted and how would you choose who the champion would be anyway?
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By overcaffein8d
the war in Iraq is not a war.

a true "war" must be declared by congress.

i suppose i would run away if i saw hordes of congressmen running at me..
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