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By Tommahawk
Have you seen those PC telephones, they're great, the only problem with them is that your PC must be turned on for you to answer calls.

To solve this problem.

Why not create a telephone hub, a small box that sits on your desk that is just a PC telephone, it stays on all the time instead of your computer and when theirs a call it rings to let you know.

This is only really feasible with Cable, DSL etc permanent connections.

Mind you PC phone calls cost $0, you can speak internatioanlly for years and it won't cost you a thing.

Reward: Eliminate your phone bill.
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By Steve
Great idea, I'd definitely want one of those! ;-D
By colacool2003
I think that would work i would want one 2 ;-D
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By Michael D. Grissom
Most modern computers allow a type of deep sleep mode where your drives are parked and stopped and monitor goes into energy saving mode. Phone programs are small enough to be totally stored in ram so, only your power supply, muffin fans, and mother board stuff would be on -- not much more power usage than the unit you are suggesting. OR,... are you wanting a smaller unit that could be placed elsewhere in the house? This could be accomplished by putting a wireless "Blue Tooth" or equiv. in a phone and use it to communicate with your PC which is in deep sleep phone mode. ...just a thought.

This is such a great idea and so simple to do with existing technology that I wonder why it isn't already available.
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By Steve
From my feeling, it should be possible to use the phone with the computer completely turned off, just with the cable modem on. I know that there's some sort of network card necessary, but that could be stored in the phone device.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Your right for OEM -- I was only thinking, as usual, about the prototype from an existing PC. I guess after all these years I've developed a one-track-mind. ;)
By blue magoo
Can already be done. A lot of computer system boards and ethernet boards have what is called a wake on lan feature, this listens for incoming traffic via the lan, or if you are using a standard modem, use the wake on ring feature. This takes the system from standby, to full power, does whatever youwant it too, answer call, take message whatever, then closes back down at the end of the call.

Not sure if this was the jist of the tack, let me know. If you want it smaller can be built around a single board PC running whatever OS you want, with a 2.5" HDD for the software and recordings, or even just use a Compact Flash Card, even cheaper nowadays.

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By Infoman
There's a solution that allows for dial up or always on.

<img src="">

Dlink <a href="">DVC-1000</a>also receives calls via netmeeting and does not require a PC. Calls placed to the unit over the internet are resolved via free DDNS.

<img src="">

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By Lblitzer
I'm assuming that it's very expensive, and what are the chances of your partner having one?
By Jeff
Thats a great idea..... and how about this.. Each internet phone it self would have the technology in it self were it did not need a pc at all.. on the phone it would have a small LCD screen were u can change settings on it and so on... then u could use a regaler HUB.. plug your D.S.L. or cable in to it. then plug your computer, internet phone and what ever else in to it all at one time. The phones would act more like a XBOX or Playstation. all u do is plug the phones into the internet and it works. you don't even need to OWEN A COMPUTER. all u need is internet access and one of there (me and your) phones. u know what, as i am typing this i am starting to come up wit more ides. As u know this phone will coast a pretty penny. WHAT if u need more then just one phone????? how about this. you can buy one phone that serves as a main unit, or a base. Then u can add additionall head sets that all work wit the base. kind of like how cordless phoes like the ones at this target web page) are now. ... B000F63DC6

what do u think?
By dealer
They have it already.... VONAGE Plugs in to your home network or they have one that is built in to a linksys router!

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