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I would like to invent a toothpaste that is flavorable yet cleans your teeth. The deal is this toothpaste will turn a kids teeth brown if he/she smokes a cigarrette, turns green if he/she smokes marajuana, and turns bright yellow if he/she drinks. This would embarrass a teen so much that he/she would not think about doing any of those mentioned above again. The teen wouldn't know what made his/her teeth turn the colors and the only way to get the original color back was to brush his/her teeth with the same named toothpaste but not the kind with the ingredients that make the teeth change colors. Parents would know what their teens were doing behind their back.

Reward: If anyone shall use this product and sell it I would like to get 2 tubes a year for the rest of my life for free.
By Jayne
I think that is a really good idea being a teen myself. I personally dont do drugs or anything but for other teen that need some help that would be very creative.
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By Michael D. Grissom
This is an OUTSTANDING idea!!! ;-D ;-D ;-D

The trick would be to keep every kid in the world who discovers the 'secret' from posting it to all other kids via the internet within DAYS after it hits the market.

If I read your post correctly though, you may have already solved that problem. All you have to do is make sure the 'antidote' toothpaste is available to parents only via a doctors prescription and administer the 'detector' toothpaste like nurses do pills in a hospital.

Then all you'll have to worry about is the street corner drug pushers selling a black-market antidote in exchange for all your kids lunch money. :~(
By Jayne
Thats true, but still , Ive only read so many ideas on here and this one is the best one yet! I hope someone creates that beacuase I know I can't myself becuase I'm definetly not a chemical person that mixes stuff up to create toothpaste or shampoo or something like that. ;-)
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By Michael D. Grissom
Jayne <--- from your post above you sound like you might have been the "marshakenny" who started this topic??? Your post above might make more sense if we knew this.

Regardless of if you are or not, sometimes it only takes an email to the toothpaste marketing director of companies that manufacture toothpaste suggesting this "idea". In that email I would direct them to this topic so that they may read everyones input (and interest).

As you (Jayne) are a teenager, you may not know how to search out those contacts and suggest this to them. I think this is a really great idea and would be glad to do that for you if you wish. I know this can be done but, when I pass it to each company, I must give proper credit to who started the topic.

marchakenny <---- please update your profile so that I may give credit where due OR better yet, email/IM me with the identity you wish me to pass on in a disclosure of the idea to manufactures. Remember, some companies are VERY reputable and pass on monitary rewards for an "idea" (not patented) that they successfully market. Example: the phone cord untangler -- 3 MILLION DOLLARS US -- and it wasn't patented (only an idea sketched on paper by an attorney --> never invented anything before).

Before I wrote this, I talked with a PHD friend in chemical engineering and my daughter who is working on her masters in chemical engineering and this CAN BE DONE. As I said in my previous post, the engineering is NOT the problem -- execution is.

Assuming the product is ready to market --> HOW can this be done without teenagers being able to find a work-a-round???

This problem must be resolved before submission to companies else they probably won't consider it.

MissPlayful <--- SHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! PLEASE!!! ...from experience, I already know you'll nail this one --> just want to give brainstorming a chance here ok?

By Jayne
hmm..well im not marshakenny who started this topic, im just Jayne. ;-D
By Friday
A good idea, would be especially useful in good old ireland, but what's to stop youngsters from buying their own undoctored (for want of a better word) toothpaste?
By flattop88
I was thinking, instead of trying to trick the kids into using it. Why not just put it to them like this...Hey I/we (the parents) have this toothpaste that we will administer at any given time to see if you are lying to us? Kind of like a lie detector or sorts. hehe I know there would not be a very trusting relationship built but it was a devil's advocate thought.
By jacobpatrick
when i was a child not so many years ago!!!!!!
on my regular trips to the dentist or doctor, the doctor or dentist would turn to my mother and say i think your child has been smoking. i would always swear blind that this was not the case.

so quite simply this could be a device for proving doctors and dentists right and could even come in dropper bottles.
because the first step to solving a problem is identifying it.
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By Steve
So had you been smoking or not? :-? (You can tell, we'll keep it a secret. :-D )
By jacobpatrick
i may have been a bit of a wild child.
but ive settled down alot in the years past.
the doctors were all right.
By DFercho
became of this idea? would love to hear the progress

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