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By Dozerrox
A major issue in computers is sound. Many people want to minimise the constant humming of their computer fans and hard disk. If a whole computer could somehow be put into a vacuum then this would eliminate the need for a fan (as there would be no temperature in the case as it would be in a vacuum) and also any noise should not be heard in the case as noise cannot travel through a vacuum. I admit that there would be issues when people want to open their p.c. to upgrade or if there was a faulty seal in the computer but I am sure these problems could be looked into.

Reward: The made article wouldn't be bad...
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By Michael D. Grissom
Even the slightest reduction of air pressure would cause hard disk drives to crash -- physically destroying the disk platter itself. This is why you can't drive your laptop to the top of a mountain unless your hard drive is in a hermetically sealed enclosure.

Also, vacuum is a thermal insulator which would prevent the heat generated by your computers electronic components from escaping. A vacuum would cause an almost instant meltdown.

There are almost silent muffin fans and hard drive noise is mostly transmitted mechanically through the mounting framework and enclosure of your computer. A vacuum within the computer would not help much.

You must have incredibly sensitive hearing or a very old computer. Your best bet would be to replace the muffin fan with a quite one, and stick sound insulating foam matting to the inside of your enclosure.

You can also switch to an Apple computer which by nature of design (all curved surfaces) is much quieter than those old sound amplifying flat surfaced square box type PC's. ;)
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By Infoman
If PC sound is the only thing your worrying about check out this site.
<a href=""></a> </a>
Also, I'd have to agree on the thermal insulation introduced by a vacuum.
you place the vaccum on the floor and it goes by itself .yea its already even knows which room to stay in. :-? :-] ;-7 :-P :~(
By naxos
As for ending PC noise... Have you seen the iMac G5? That's got to be the quietest computer I've seen in my entire life...
By Jack Nobbz
With some redeveloped hardware that's specially made for a vacuum, good idea!

However, heat will still be produced, although you are correct in thinking that there will be no room for heat to be carried via convection. It will instead be carried by radiation and conduction, and heat removal will still remain to be important.

Granted, it'll be silent running (except for any vibrations via the case) but a different method of heat removal will be required (water heating). However, instead of making a computer in a vacuum with redesigned components, why not just get a water cooled pc. It's practically silent and a little cheaper ^-^.

To whoever mentioned about the hard drive platters going nuts, you can get solid-state hard drives which probably wouldn't be so badly affected.

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