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By inspired_goddess
A pocket sized book, resembling a novel - with some important advantages... Instead of paper pages, the pages would be made of a thin, flexible, transparent plastic. There would be approx. 300 pages - small enough to carry around in any situation. This book would be digital. Tiny disks or microchips would be downloaded into a slot on the inner back cover, and the pages would magically turn into the pages of whatever book you downloaded - a Biology textbook, or War and Peace - any book in the world. If the 300 pages are not enough, there would be a "Continue" button the very last page, and when pushed, the remainder of the book would be continued from the first page...and so on, until the end of the book. For students, instead of carrying around heavy texts back and forth from school, they would carry this special book, and a small container of microchips or small disks containing their "books".

Reward: Save the environment - no trees need to be cut for these books! Less back strain from carrying around heavy text. Less waisted space in libraries and home bookshelves - more space for other uses. Very convenient, and practical!
By colacool2003
They all ready have that it is in some of the Flight magazines but you have 2 pay for the books. It would be better if they had a kazza for books 2. :-B
By Alober
Or you could just use a palm pilot (should you already have one), and download books from places like No pages are required. Unfortunately, the books are not free for downloading (at least I haven't found a site that offers them), but it's much more portable and less conspicuous in public places than normal books. ;-D
By matthewfelgate
You can download books from kazaa.

there is also gutenburg project => trying to get all (copyright expired) books online.
By Justme
Hi you could try Gemstar REB 1000 by last I read it downloads 8,000 pages I think it's was pretty cool and available now.
By snowmonkey
I saw something like what you described in scientific american. It was only on page and the chips were inserted where regular books are bound, I think they were tryin to get everything in the library of congress onto it
By anhouten
As much as the idea of a fully electronic book appeals to me I am gulty of liking paper books too much. Its a tactile thing I like the feel the smell and l like having the shelves covered in books. But beyound the sensery elements of books and collecting them there is the practical end of things and that is I dont want any book to run out of batteries before I do.

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