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By Emily Morgan
We all know that if the amount of trash on planet earth keeps increasing at the current rate, we won't have any place for it! And there is that useless moon floating around earth way up there in space. So why not send our trash up there to be buried on the moon? A little strange I know, but it could be a possibility. And I'm not sure exactly how all this would happen, like if the garbage would stay underground or not. But it has potential, don't you think?? Please take the time to reply to this!! I would appreciate it a lot!

Reward: Ummmm... I could live with the Nobel Peace Prize!! LoL!!
By Davey C
We've already polluted our planet, lets not destroy its moon as well.
By carlo
Yeh that's a good idea. Lets put all of our trash in huge missiles and fire them into space in random directions. That way we can get someones attention out there. hehehe
By Michael Smith
Hi Emily. I totally support the plan to rocket our trash off-world. But why stop at the moon? If we just jettison the giant trash compartments toward the Sun, then we don't have to worry about garbage storage facilities or burying it on the Moon. Anything thrown at the Sun would probably be burned and destroyed before it got there by the radiation and heat. And we get to keep the Moon looking nice for those summer nights with our honey. ;)
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By Steve
I see a problem here...

Remember Voyager? We put our most valuable collectibles into a spaceship and sent it towards distant galaxies.

Now if we do the same with our trash, how are the poor aliens supposed to tell the difference?
I think you are going about this all wrong. We need to think about how we can reduce our waste (like "Pollution Tracking Device"), not where can we stash it now. ;-7
By pezzman
Hey I like the missle to the sun idea, it would burn up even before it reaches it. But I think God would be very mad at us for doing that.
By AaronAgassi
Move Heavy Industry entirely Offworld, where pollution simply isn't a problem.

But as to just non toxic but non biodegradable trash, launching it into space will still be uneconomical, even when cost to orbit plunges.
By Shumway
I'm a party pooper I guess. I don't like this idea at all. There's only so much material on this planet for us to us and abuse. If we chuck it all into space, then we're actually reducing the available material on the planet. We've already destroyed enough of this planet, lets smarten up a bit. Human's are intelligent enough to destroy or save this planet, we need to make the right choice.

1. All organic waste material should be composted and biodegraded. Everything organic is renewable, so throwing it out to space is very poor planing. I'm talking about all food waste, sewage, grass clippings, leaves, etc. Everything will biodegrade and be re-used.
2. Plastics need to be recycled. We have a finite oil supply, and guess where plastic comes from?
3.Metals are just too heavy to blast out of here. Besides, we can't keep digging up more metal forever. Why not reuse and recycle what we've already dug up?
4. Earth materials - dirt, rock, sand. - even concrete if you really want to go all the way - This is part of our planet and we can't just chuck it. Besides, there's enough of this stuff floating around out there already.
By duh
its hard enough trying to get the educated to become astronauts and now you want them to pick up the trash!
By bjikhokho
what is trash anyway? is simply unused resources, so if we throw our trash in outer space we gonna run out of resources, and then human we'll have to move somewhere else.
By mickyhowells
Human's are intelligent enough to destroy or save this planet??
If you were intelligent you wouldnt destroy your home, where you live would you?

I dont think we should put our waste in othe places, although the sun is a good option for non degradable objects which we shouldnt make anymore of.

Dont think the moon is any good, looks all nice in the night sky, and its not useless, it creates tides etc.
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By Steve
I think the basic problem is that this method would only make economic sense to get rid of really nasty stuff (like radioactive waste). Of course it would be sent to the sun which I (naively) believe wouldn't do any harm. However, the risk of placing hazardous waste in a rocket would be much too high - if the whole thing blew up (and if you do it on a regular basis, it surely will one day) you would really have a mess on your hands... :-o
By pwjthegreat
we would be wasting even more materials by constructing a missile or rocket, and the fuel needed to fly into the space.....
wat if the rocket/missile failed to reach the intended destination of the sun or moon? tens or hundreds or thousands or years later, it probably would find its way back to the Earth... then we would be in more trouble.....
By jackjohnson
Don't waste your life. Aah, throwed that bs at you. Felt good.

I just wonder if industries cannot produce a lot nature friendlier and do not do so because of financial reasons.
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