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By littlelois
Our local law has just passed that a child up to 8 years old and 80 lbs must ride in a childs car seat / booster seat. Hello?!? Has it occured to anyone that in some vehicles such as my SUV that children that old sitting in the back seats that their heads will hit the ceiling of the car? That the car seat sits them too high? So far I don't know of a car seat that will fit securely in the back seat which is angled more than the middle ones. Can't someone invent a way to modify seat belts that would fit older children properly? Otherwise legally we are about to have a third grader who will need to haul his car seat in and out of school every time his afternoon plans don't include mom's picking him up.

Reward: safe children without the hassles.
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By test
hmmm that law sounds kinda wack.

I recommend either

A: Move somewhere that doesn't allow retarded baboons to pass bylaws

B: Get a fake moustache or draw a beard on him when you drive. When the fuzz pulls you over you can say "oh, that's grampy Lou. He don't talk much on account of the polio." This works best if the kid is around 3.

crisis solved.
By Karenpendragon
Do a search for the RideSafer travel vest. It meets all the booster seat requirements, is very portable, and seats the child on the same butt-level as adults.

Also, read the fine print on your state laws. In my state the booster requirements only apply to seats with shoulder belts. The reason 7 year olds need boosters is the shoulder belts cross their necks (which is bad). Lap-only belts are fine for children once they reach 40 pounds.
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