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By chuff
every few years a new video game paradigm must be invented to keep people entertained. as time has gone on, we spend more and more time playing games like world of warcraft, everquest, the sims, and so on. i believe that the next step in games is the game that lets you achieve something in real life while you play. it's already showing up in games that are designed to make you smarter or more physically fit.
the idea is this: a game where the quests are for things that real people need done in the real world. the rewards are points towards being able to create your own quests.
for example: fred needs help digging a ditch. he puts up a quest, questers show up and do the work, and he confirms through the game that those particular players did the work. they each get XP that let them put up their own quests for compuer repair, tax work, and so on.
properly presented the game could be made attractive to kids, and the inherent financial advantage should be attractive to adults.

Reward: just let me know it worked.
By NCoppedge
I want to argue the other way, that increasingly robots, etc. are making life less about real life, so the object is instead to make "virtuality" more real. It is not that I completely disagree with your idea, but I think I lot of people will find hard work unappealing for obvious reasons. There is an intermediate, that there may be public social networking such as the networked "Tag" games that have appeared, which could appeal to certain audiences. But overall, there is a trend for virtualization---the appeal of RPGs versus homework, with an exception in brainstorming. The result of this is to grant a lot of extra cachet to perfected and surfacially simple virtual applications which integrate with the specific personal goals of individuals. While in one sense it may be more appealing to go to the vanity press or try to patent something---I recently saw an ad for my vanity press book, the 1-Page-Classics on this website---in another sense public "applications" like patenting and the vanity press could well integrate with network or gaming software, in a more virtual form. This may be one thing that you are hinting at, at the root of your idea. Aspects in which real life motivations integrate with virtual or networking software. But in another sense, what should develop primarily is not outward aspects, but the appeal of the software itself. Increasingly we rely on "metaphysical" type hierarchies of information because these integrate, as you say, aspects of computer games and real life. There is a strong appeal.
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