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By priyeshgada
In todays world entertainment industry is booming like never before.acc to Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI),the Indian entertainment industry grew 17% over the previous year, reaching the Rs50,000 crore mark,whereas the report forecasts sustained growth for the next five years, estimating that the industry will grow to an overall size of Rs1.16 trillion by 2012.
According to the PwC report, the Indian music industry is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 4 per cent from US$ 1.81 billion in 2006
to US$ 2.19 billion in 2011. Significantly, the share of digital music is likely to increase, with an estimated growth rate of 25 per cent.
Digital music sales exceeded physical sales of music for the first time in 2006, primarily driven by mobile
phone platforms like caller ring back tones, ring tones and music clips.
The surge in mobile sales has helped India emerge as one of the world's largest markets for mobile music.
According to the Cellular Operators' Association of India, the size of the mobile music industry is likely to grow to around
US$ 170 million by the end of 2007, from about US$ 115 million in 2006
The music industry in USA contributes about 5% to its GDP annually.
What persuaded us to work upon this sector,is that now-a-days music and socializing is the most likely mode for people
to refresh themselves,this is mostly seen in the young generation of India.the other mode for them is their cell phone
which has become and indispensable part of our lives,we have made an attempt to combine cell phones and music entertainment
in such a manner that a totally new service can be provided and a totally new concept is put forth before the mass.
And the other main important thing for people in todays world is ultra quick service,many customers can be won if you have a
quick and precise service.
The service which we would provide is called the ‘Pro-Box’,which is just an ordinary interactive kiosk with extraordinary features.
The ‘Pro-Box’ will not only prove to be a hit amongst the youth but also the corporates in future and will set a bench-mark in terms of entertainment.

1. This machine can transfer ur fav. Music and videos via Bluetooth on ur phone or a laptop.u get ur fav.
Music at a nominal cost of rs.5 per song and rs.10 per video.this proves to be an attraction for all the youngsters as
they spend most of their time listening to music while commuting or performing any activity.they can also grab a ‘Pro-music’ card which is easily available at all the general stores and similar outlets.
these cards come at a value of Rs.30/40/50. And they can be used at any of the ‘Pro-Box’ all across Mumbai.

2. It can also provide u with Wi-Fi…all u need to do is to get the code from the machine at an hourly charge
and use it withtin an area of 40- meteres from the machine. Not only that…if u have a balance time period…u can use
it at another spot where the machine is available.this helps you to check your mails and reply instantly.this proves to
be of a great use to the corporates.even youngsters can socialize via orkut and facebook anywhere.

3. If at all ur running short of power in ur cell…u can charge up ur cell fully in flat 10 mins using our ‘Pro-charger’.
the cost might range upto rs.15 for a recharge.usually to need to forcefully sip up coffee at coffee shops for the purpose of
recharging ur cell,which takes a long long time. But with the pro-charger u can recharge ur cell nytime at ur nearest pro-machine in a
matter of minutes.But with the help of the Bluetooth in the mobile device,recharging can be possible.

4. If u need to get a ticket for a train…u can access the pro-ticket feature of the box,this means u no more need to stand in
those ques longer than the great wall of China.This saves your precious time to a great extent.

5. U can text any one using these machines….at a rate of 10 paise per text msg.u get a separate card which contains the
code to use this service.u can use the service at any of the machines installed all over Mumbai until ur card balance is nil.
this is a huge money saver as u don’t need to pay hefty messaging charges to ur operators.moreover it is 10 times cheaper than an usual PCO.
But it can be accessed only via the ‘Pro-SMS’ cards available as 10 paise is not in use nymore.

6. Movie timings can also be checked and tickets can be booked via the ‘Pro-Movie’ function.What adds to the
‘Pro-Movie’ is that u can also select the seating according to your comfort and convenience.The machine directly
Sends a code to your phone which u need to verify at the box office while collecting your tickets.

7. When it comes to entertainment,the ipod is what everyone thinks of.It is the most successful
entertainment source for people of all ages.According to statistics,88 ipods were sold per minute during
the year 2006 and there is no looking back.this may give you an idea as to how popular the ipod is amongst the youth.
hence we also provide ipod charging system called the ‘Pro-Pod’.Since there is no bluetooth available in the ipod,we need
to set up some docks for charging the ipod.But the ‘Pro-Pod’ specializes in charging the ipod in flat 5 minutes,since the
charging takes place via a dock,it can enable faster charging.
Hence,it’s a heaven for the youngsters on a move with the pod !

8. U can also buy our ‘Pro-cards’ ,which can be easily available at all the general stores and other similar o
utlets so that u don’t need to insert the cash all the time.

Location –
The ‘Pro-Box’ is a high end interactive kiosk,which needs sophisticated handling, hence it is not suitable to position it
anywhere and everywhere like a local PCO.
It can be installed in places such as malls,hotels,cafeterias,clubs,eateries,restaurants,movie theatres,colleges, etc where
the crowd using the system is educated enough to understand the workings of the ‘Pro-Box’.
It can also be installed at railway stations but the main thing being there are many chances of theft as well as mis-handling
of the machine.Railway stations are the most effective locations where the ‘Pro-Box’ is most useful !

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