This is the place for all kinds of brainstorming. Anything goes. From time to time, the Sea of Chaos might also give birth to new forum categories.
By marryroy
Traditional :
Traditionally styled furniture has a classic, elegant, and formal look. Comprised of dark polished woods, curves, carvings and rich colour.

Country :
It is a sunny, casual, heart-warming style of decor. Gingham and floral cottons, distressed and painted woods, ruffles, plump cushions and sofas, and soft furniture of pine and oak are hallmarks of this style.

Contemporary :
Contemporary style lends a modern look to a room with clean lines, simple contours and bold colors as primary features. Glass, leather, slate and metal are typical components of often-uncomplicated pieces.

Eclectic :
A truly personalized decorating style that combines furniture and accessories of various styles, textures, origins, and periods. It is an innovative style of decorating your house all by yourself in your own way.

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