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Couch-Chair-bed Combination Printer Friendly Version
A couch-chair that has both the qualities of a couch and a chair. Instead of a flimsy recliner, where it holds up your feet on a lift, you have a total feeling of comfort, where the whole unit is one connected piece and goes from the floor to your body and feet, insuring that it will never break and you can jump in and out of it at will. You would still have arms on the chair, but never have to worry about bringing up the foot rest. It is all ready there. When you add an extra long solid foot rest than you get a couch-chair-bed, that you can sleep in at any time for one person snuggly. The point is, you would never have to buy another chair because this one does it all and never breaks. It works to do everything any other piece of furniture does, but takes up less space and you can arrange them around the room like a sorrounding couch, only better.
Why not buy four, or one for each person. A great gift and very comfortable. The whole couch-chair-bed just looks like a long arm chair and is atractive in all rooms. You can add all the recliner features to the back and lay flat and/or have a wall hugger unit.
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Velcro Gloves and Bats/Rackets/Clubs Printer Friendly Version
Every sport comes with something to hold onto in the proper way or place and you have to grip the object correctly again and again in the right place to get it right. So whether you are playing golf, baseball, or some sport with a racket you need to find the right way to hold it and you need to keep that hold in the perfect place the entire time you play while learning any sport. With velcro/sports gloves and velcro on the bat or object you are gripping, someone can place your hands in the right place and it will stay there with velcro.
If you color code all the positions then you already know where to grab the object with the velcro to keep them there. If a golf professional shows you where to grab your club you are definitely going to want to know how to keep that grip until your shot is over. Your sport can come with instructions as to where and how to grab the object/s in order to achieve optimal success in that field of sport. This would make a great gift for any sports enthusiast!
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Eliminate Media Piracy Printer Friendly Version
When we purchase Hardware that plays electronic Media of any kind, the manufacturer (or distributor/retailer) of the Hardware will have to encode the purchaser's PassKey (Last Name, SSN, etc.) into the Player. When digital media is purchased, the same will happen...the purchaser's PassKey will be encoded into the electronic Media. (Of course they may use their wife's/Friend's/Boss's PassKey if it is a gift.)
The Player will only play the media if the passkeys match. Of course there will be ways for pirate hackers to take a general media, pull the pass code out and insert another one... but if it is a complex enough system they won't want to spend their time working on a hack for weeks when they can just download the song or movie for $5. FileSwapping like Old Napster and Kazaa are then extinct.
If your HardwareKey fails.... go back to the retailer or manufacturer and have it reset or replaced. This is a fairly old idea in software. A Finite Element Analysis package for $15000 comes with a Hardware key. The Software periodically checks the serial port for the hardware key that came with the software...if it isn't there, it doesn't play. When will this technology catch on in entertainment??
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