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Restaurant Menu Bingo Printer Friendly Version
I have a new idea for a restaurant promotion game. The chef/restaurant owner chooses a certain combination from the menu - e.g. spinach soup + small Pepsi + fruit cake. You win the game by ordering exact this combination from the menu - the only problem is that you don't know what it is. The winner of the game takes the jackpot, which will be increased by a certain amount every day, until someone finally places the winning order (of course, the prize money has to be spent at the restaurant). Then, a new combination of orders is chosen (possibly at random) and a new round of the game starts.
Of course, the details would depend on the particular restaurant, e.g. if the order has to be placed in one and by the same person, or if it's enough that the people at the same table order the particular dishes during the course of a meal/evening.
Reward: Free food if I ever happen to visit the restaurant 

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All-In-One Kitchen Appliance Remote Temperature Gauge Printer Friendly Version
A microwave, freezer, oven, stove, Etc. Microwave safe, heat resistant, and could even go into your wood burning fire place. You simply hold the remote in your hand to read the Temperature safely at a distance and the tool itself Pokes into the food. You could program all of them to one remote and keep the remote magnatized on your refrigerator to tell you when all of your cooking is being prepared at the right time to coordinate cooking times on multiple food items and sounds an alarm when done cooking where ever they may be. This is the key, hardest part to learn and teach about proper meal preperation and could be used to help teach cooking at Culinary Schools World Wide. Even Bakery Schools! Yummmm!
A porcelin material would be heat resistant and would not disturb the microwave.
Reward: Beats the Old Tool! 

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Seafood Nuggets Printer Friendly Version
Imagine: lobster, crab, muscles, oysters, scallops, or other seafoods, deep fried and battered in bite sizes, just right for dipping in cocktail sauce or tarter sauce or your favorite sauce; even catsup. The process would be simple you just compress the oyster or, whatever seafood it is into a small size, batter it with spices, then you deep fry it. Nothing sounds better at mid-night than microwaving a couple dozen crab (Bites) or nuggets, then, in one or two minutes, have your favorite nugget food, ready to eat with or without dipping sauce. A quick and easy way to eat the best foods and the only way they would keep for years rather than hours. Your seafood would never rot. They would be bite sized. Microwaveable. Tastier and they could come in any kind of batter, imaginable. Fast, good, and better than pizza or pizza bites, all the time. It would make a great side dish for any meal as well. Even breakfast or just for a snack any time of day or night.
Reward: Credit 

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