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OLED Wrist Watch Printer Friendly Version
Input: Light, Temperature, Time (Atomic Clock) or Computer updated, Battery Power (Time Remaining), Touch Screen (stylus control), Heart Rate/Beat (Pulse), Computer connection (USB)
Visual Description of Face: Round OLED screen set inside metallic case, Side Mount Button (SMB)
Software Description: Software should be open source allowing programmers to create custom displays and functions. The watch should be allowed to connect to a computer via a docking station and download this software from the computers hard drive. Software should include use of all, some or none of the sensors on the watch (battery power, temperature, etc...)
Default Software Display:
I. The OLED should be bright enough and with enough contrast to display in strong sunlight. As the light diminishes the OLED should power down reducing the level of illumination. Default display should be blue at night and white in the day.
II. Display should be capable of inverting its pixel display.
III. Cubic Zirconium or diamond insets should have back lighting to increase reflections and add possible color shifting effects.
IV. All displays should be shader capable to create 3D effects if desired (background animations, clock hand animations, calendar reminders, incoming e-mails/text messages).
V. The SMB should control display views from first screen to second, second to third etc...
VI. First Screen
1. The watch should have three first screen displays. A digital display, an analog display, or a combination of displays.
2. The battery time remaining should be displayed as the power consumption may be high.
VII. Second Screen
1. Software should include a calendar able to scroll forward and backward (delta 10years). Allow calendar uploads to the watch through the computer that triggering a visual, audio, or combination alarm (selectable by the owner via the software.
VIII. Third Screen
1. A chronograph and a count up/down timer should be within the software’s capability.
I. The screen or OLED pad should be high resolution (2000dpi or greater).
II. The battery should be large high capacity Rechargeable battery/long life (1 year or more).
III. CPU should be powerful enough to power 3D graphics.
IV. Water proof/resistant battery recharge plates on exterior of watch side.
V. Docking station both recharges and allows uploads to the computer via USB
VI. USB cable connector located under a gasket protected metal plate on the bottom of the watch.
VII. Radio connection to Atomic transmitting station or an auto-update from the computer via software.
VIII. Pulse, pace, temperature (body or environment) monitors for athletes.
Reward: Credit given to me... That's all 

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Energy Saving Refrigerator Cozy Printer Friendly Version
This cozy would pay for itself in time (well I'm not a mathmatical genius over here, but it would pay for itself. Trust me). This padded cozy would cover the top and sides of your conventional refrigerator keeping the cold in and the heat out. It would be attached by another great invention... Velcro and made of fire proof material such that you find in oven mitts. Obviously it would protect most of your refrigerator's surface from scatches, dust, and dirt so all you would have to do is wash the easily reachable front face of it.
Once or twice a year you could remove it and throw it in the washing machine. The Velcro would only be attached at the bottom of the sides. The Cozy could be decorative and only limited by your imagination. This could be a sewing project of your own or a product with different styles and color choices. Works in both warm and cold climates.
Reward: I ask for a sample for my friends and I. 

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Changeable Letters for the Bottom of Your Shoes Printer Friendly Version
If you could show anyone what you wanted to say by hidding it on the bottom of your shoe and then showing them, you then have an unlimited amount of possibilities from "I Love You!" to "Doggy Doo" then you could say I have "Doggy Doo" on the bottom of my shoe. In class you could put your feet up and swear at your friends. Maybe even switch the words from shoe to shoe so that it only reads right when you cross your legs. I can't even imagine what you could come up with and hide on the bottom of your shoe only to show someone later or tell them some joke about it first. We can make the letters hold up to walking and they would be better than permenantly writing on your shoe which would ruin them. We could make them like "Reader Board" letters that stick made out of rubber like your soles of your shoes. Then you just pull them off later. Any color and any font you want.
Reward: Credit 

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