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Bad roads Printer Friendly Version
Potholes and patches are a nuisance to commuters, they damage cars and cost the government lots of money to repair. Repair works is also time consuming. My idea is for covering these potholes and bad roads with temporary substitutes such as a matting made of skid proof hard rubber which can be made up of small units for the various sizes and attached like peices of Lego. They can be square or hexagonal and easily attachable/detached. They make surfaces even for small patches. Less manpower and costs. Better for commuters. Rubber can also take the shape of the road. Other benefits are to cover drains or any openings. Let me know what you people think of this idea. It's raining heavily here and the potholes and traffic drives me absolutely mad. The civic authorities haven't repaired the roads in the last 10 months. Does it really take that long???
Reward: safer driving and no more traffic jams 

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 United Kingdom
Improved Supermarket Trolleys Printer Friendly Version
You go to the supermarket, you pick a nasty wire trolley - hopefully the wheels work - and you proceed to push it round the store trying to dodge people's ankles and all the displays. You load it up, you queue at the check-out, you have to unload everything, then you are made to re-pack everything - whilst trying to avoid the glazed stares of the frustrated shoppers all still standing in the queue just waiting for you to get the hell out of their way! Hopefully, the person ahead of you has cleared the bit of space to enable you to lean over and grab your shopping before it tumbles onto the floor - and hopefully you manage to grapple with the carrier bags before the cashier interupts and asks you to pay for the priviledge of using their store...
How to update? Make this a more enjoyable experience? Try inventing a new type of trolley!
Use plastic, not metal. It may function using only one ball, placed in the middle, underneath the trolley, so it can be easily directed anywhere. Try adding compartments for glass bottles (to stop them rolling around), stuff that can leak like yoghurt, cream, stuff that will get squashed and needs to be put on top...
The trolley could then be made to open at one end to allow selected shopping items to automatically glide onto the rolling counter at a perfect speed to keep up with the cashier... where it is then automatically chanelled into another waiting trolley. When goods paid for, the shopper trundles it to a packing area, where staff are waiting to do this for you.
New trolley designs might cost some to achieve but when you think how big the profits of supermarkets are...
Reward: For every new trolley made, a charitable cash donation to help ease any current disaster 

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Fragrant sawdust pellets Printer Friendly Version
Compress sawdust into pellets and add some ingredients to release various types of fragrance when they burn in the fireplace. Compressed sawdust is a recycled product, cheaper, lighter than log wood, keeps the home smelling fragrant.
Reward: Let me know how it goes, lemme join in. 

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