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Mobile Residential Temperature Control Printer Friendly Version
Have you ever been in bed in the middle of the night and didn't want to get up to turn on the thermostat (heater/ac) in order to maintain a comfortable temperature in the bedroom so that you can have a peaceful night's sleep? Well, with the invention of the mobile thermostat, you will never encounter this dilemma again.
This device is a remote control to the main thermostat in the house that emits an electronic signal to the (main) thermostat basically to control the temperature as recorded by multiple temperature monitors throughout the house that just report the current temperature in each room by sending a signal that identifies the location of that particular monitor and the current temperature in the room. Since most thermostats aren't located in the bedroom and are moreso designed to control temperatures in common areas, my idea is to have electronic vents (also controlled by the remote) that you can open and close at the push of a button. This way, you can warm up the bathroom in the winter without getting up from your bed until it has reached your desired level of comfort.
In addition to electronic vents, you will also need temperature monitors that communicate with the remote and alert you when the desired area has reached the target temperature.
Thus, you will be able to heat and cool one room at a time at your leisure without having to do more than push a button. Also, this will do wonders for energy saving and keeping those energy bills under control.
Reward: Recognition and to own the original prototype. 

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Drop-down attic shelves Printer Friendly Version
This idea is very undeveloped, but seems promising. Beside the light switch in your living room and/or bedroom, another switch that causes a 5 foot by 5 foot by 5 foot square cube cabinet to lower down out of the attic with doors on it. The cabinet itself would also have controls on it for sending it back up. It could house maybe a mirror and makeup station on one side (for her) and men's stuff on the other side.
Reward: Chalupa Supreme 

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Ryan Bayer
Hallway motion sensor light Printer Friendly Version
My invention is a small night light that plugs into the wall. When you walk by a dim light comes on. This will also have an on/off switch. This would be useful for when you get up in the middle of the night and our going to get a glass of water or something. Having this be a motion sensored light only your pets, children and other relitives can sleep in darkness. It will be a dim light so it will not hurt your eyes. Everyone knows there is nothing worse than either running into a wall in the middle of the night and waking your family up or turning on a bright light and waking up your family and hurting your eyes.
Reward: A nintendo gamecube 

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