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J. Selwyn
Dating Protection (It's not what you think!) Printer Friendly Version
I think it would be wonderful to have a website/information service that organizes places to meet other singles by how safe and comfortable the places are. Of course, the dating places would be organized by individual cities, and could be started by any webmaster on a small, local scale. Public places like parks, places to hike and bike would be ranked by lighting and the amount of foot traffic (which would also be useful if you wanted a little privacy on the trail for established couples!). It would also be great to know if there are police officers around in the park. Restaurants and other meeting places would be ranked by the safety of the neighborhood as well as if the restaurant was on a busy street/well-lighted. Of course, many would want to know the quality of the dining and atmosphere. I think this would be a pleasant and comfortable way to feel a little safer with your potential lover. If you meet a creepy guy or gal, you can make your getaway knowing that the place you have chosen has maximum potential for safety.
Reward: A safer world for my single friends. 

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Patrik Pedersen
"Where Are All The Women?!" Traffic Analyzer Printer Friendly Version
This one sounds like an harassment tool, but it's really not. I got this idea on one of those evenings when you look around and simply ask yourself: "Where are all the women?!" - Quite frankly, little is known about the migration routes of males and females in our societies. We take it for granted that men and women show up in bars and restaurants in certain times of the day, but if they don't, we have no clue what has happened or where they are (unless there's a Ricky Martin concert round the corner).
My idea is for a device issuing a "male" or "female" signature, that people can carry on a voluntary basis. Then, on a larger map (maybe on a website), it could be clearly seen where men and women really are. This information might be personally useful to folks looking for a date and scientifically interesting all in one. Of course, carrying such a device would be completely voluntary (what else!). The signal would be anonymous and the most important feature of the device being that you can turn it off. Moreover, a signal would only be issued if a certain number of individuals carrying such a device are in the same spot (thus eliminating the risk of any dangerous encounters). - This technology could be used by people who enjoy the company of men or women, or also by those who want to avoid one of the two.
Reward: Just do it. 

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John Powers
Singles with Children Theme Restaurant Printer Friendly Version
Dating for single people with children is a real hassle. Making arrangements for the children loads the situation with too much, "it cost too much and I hardly know her." And going out on a date is awfully interesting to the inquiring minds of children. "Going slow" means that you want dates at the begining to be free of too many commitments too.
What I have in mind is an activity space where adults can meet and bring the kids too. So there needs to be a range of activities for kids of various ages so that the parents can be smoose. The roller rink in town where I went to college hit it about right with "adults free with kids' every Saturday mornings before noon. The kids skated while the adults conversed over coffee and breakfast at the snack bar.
I'd call the place "Oh Donna's" after a single friend of mine.
Reward: "A Laurel and Hardy handshake." 

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