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Absorbtion distribution towel Printer Friendly Version
After a shower what do you do? Reach for the towel. Unfortunately there is no absorbtion-distribution system for the towel.
1. Most of the towel absorbs the water from your hair, which leaves limited absorbable areas to dry the rest of your body (or vice versa).
2. For those people who make the mistake of drying their groin area first, this would be an 'inconvenience'--especially if the next thing you want to dry is your face.
Solution: buy two towels, OR I propose a towel with a waterproof lining inbetween the 'two sides' of the towel. That way it would be possible to dry your hair with one side of the towel, then use the other 'completely dry' side of the towel to use for the rest of the body, etc.
Reward: For Jennifer Lopez to model in the towel. I would then use the towel to dry my face. 

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Real Soap Water Printer Friendly Version
This idea would eliminate the necessity of soap bars during a bath.
Imagine a spa/tub that has soap dispensers that allow the soap to saturate the water to the point that the water becomes your hygiene source. After bathing, you could push a button to drain the soapy water and simultaneously fresh, warm water is gently being poured into the spa/tub to rinse away the soap from your body; sort of like a low shower because your sitting down.
The spa/tub would be equipped with 4-5 dispensers for the soaps of your choice. This idea seems more feasible for a spa because of the many jets and tubes that are eqipped with it.
Of course there is more think about, such as cost of body wash, but I think the experience would be fun.
Reward: Of course the credit and a few for my dream home. 

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Suction Lever Non-Slip Mats Printer Friendly Version
Everyone has seen the amazing levered grips that you can move any where, stick to any surface, and they hold hurnders of pounds. Those handles keep you steady so you don't slip. They didn't think about what we are slipping on. A wet or slippery surface. Take those same suction levers and put them on your slippery surface mat, underfoot and you will never slip. No more hundreds of useless little, moving cups and only four suction cups; one at each corner. Then unlever and lever to a shower wall and they never mold underneath since they drip dry by gravity. Non-slip easy and fast to move!
Reward: To show that a non-slip mat is just as important as the non-slip grip. 

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