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Sonic Cleaner for Concrete Garden Slabs Printer Friendly Version
I use a pressure water jet to clean concrete garden slabs. For reference, I used 80 gallons of water and the project took six hours. I cannot imagine how much electricity was used. I believe that technology exists to manufacture a sonic cleaner similar to a portable metal detector. If this could be achieved, then world wide savings in water, electricity, and labor hours could be very significant.
Reward: Confirmation that this my original thought. 

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Web-based distributed payment Printer Friendly Version
A website that allows groups of people to enter into a contract to distribute payments from a single source according to a simple percentage scheme. For example, if a creative product developed by a group was sold on the web, the resulting payments would be made through this website to a common account for the product, but then distributed to the individuals in the group automatically. This is similar to Paypal, but with the automatic distribution system, it allows long-term collaborations that do not require communication or futher negotiation between the group members. The site would include a notification of all group members that a payment had been made, the total, and the individual member's share. It would allow group members to change information about contact, login, and destination of payments. It would require input from all group members to change percentages or other terms of the agreement made for the group's project.

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