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Amusement Parks For Physically Challenged And The Elderly Printer Friendly Version
If we can design rides and themes of the eras that once were but are now forgotten (20's, 30's, etc.) then we could entertain those who (how ever rude this may sound) live in their past like most everybody else of all ages, then we could have entertainment billed for a large audience not seen using modern technology to enhance the past. An audience of millions not taylored to yet making this a very lucrative business opportunity. The two don't often go together, but "Gone With The Wind" on a roller coaster that can go any speed, accomodate any size or weight of person and have panic stop buttons as well as extra support from personal guides and the equipment itself I think we can all live it up once in a while, and the many growing retirement homes could have great group rates making going there a little more exciting.
Instead of a short cartoon and "It's a small World after all" playing we could have the ultimate old time experience with advanced and enhanced films and documentaries from all the past you can handle. You might even want to have special days for every decade. With walker and wheel chair accessibility on every thing (including the rides), you could give those in their late years a renewed spirit for what once was that was created for the better, for the younger generations to enjoy in relative safety from the dangers of the past.
Reward: Too see that our lesser seen are in the lime light at least once in a while instead of hidden from society. 

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Wearable Toys Printer Friendly Version
Have you ever had your children want to be spun around or ask to jump on your stomach? Well, if so then you might want some help in that department. You could wear a whole body jump suit with all the necessary attachments to make you a human jungle gym, a spin toy, a trampoleen, or any other active, sporty type, kids' game! Each game would come with the appropriate attachments for the game. You always wanted to spend quality time where the child does some exercise in this techno age of computer games, so this toy advancement turns you into that special toy, only better.
For example, you could have a few belts in buckles (on the jump suit) that hold a rotating belt and the child could hold onto it and you just lift your arms and they swing while you pull back on their weight the force spins them around effortlessly. The trampoleen would simply attach to your hands and feet and you bounce them in any direction. This type of toy advancement and attachments would work with any two or more person game and you could include your pets; providing them with attachments that bounce and evade them for a game of catch me if you can (a hanging string on a small pole) just by having them hang there and you just stand or wiggle a little. Think of any kid game and you could adapt it to work with wearable toys!
All the fun and the effort is none. Spending time with your children is more important than any thing so, do it right now! Have fun!
Reward: One toy of each design and eight suits! 

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Michael D. Grissom
Combo CB (Citizens Band) antenna & fishing pole. Printer Friendly Version
Someone just drove through my apartment parking lot with a half wave 'fiberglass' CB antenna (fishing pole length) mounted on their truck. When manufacturing the antenna, why not add the fishing line rings and fishing reel mounts into the fiber glass to create a dual purpose product (added value). I just did a google search and found that some people have wrapped wire around a fishing pool to make a cheap CB antenna but found nothing marketed the other way around -- a factory made CB antenna/fishing rod.
I suppose you might have to specially design the fishing line rings to prevent snagging on low overhanging trees and use a 'quick disconnect' at the base of the antenna because of the now increased popularity of the product among thieves but,.. it might be worth doing.
I must be overlooking something REALLY obvious because I can not believe someone hasn't done this already. However, you never know! My patent attorney (35 years experience) once advised me NOT to waste my money in an attempt to patent my "ROCKabsorber" because, although it was a great and badly needed mass market idea, it was so very VERY simple that I would have a better chance at winning the New York State Lottery. He was wrong.
My ROCKabsorber US patent number (expired) is 5,165,636 so, sometimes, no matter what anybody says, follow that dream!
For those that are curious, the ROCKabsorber is a self stabilizing chair/table/machine foot that eliminated the rocking problem -- even on cobble stone floors.

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