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A change in an operating mode of an automatic transmission Printer Friendly Version
A change in an operating mode of an automatic transmission (mode D) for fuel conservation in internal combustion engines.
The backbone of the idea is not to use the car's engine when there's no need. This means that the engine is automatically put into idling mode when the car is in no need of propulsion power:
1. Free-wheeling - when the driver releases gas-pedal but hasn't yet pushed the break-pedal, which is especially effective in traffic jams.
2. When the car is rolling down a hill and an angle of the slope is enough for keeping the speed up without use of the engine. If this angle is more pronounced and the car is picking up the speed, but the driver wants to simply keep up the speed (the car is gas-pedal oriented), then he would want to automatically repeatedly use his break-pedal, keeping up the needed speed or recharging accumulator (only for hybrid cars).
This idea is easily put to life, doesn't need much funding, but as the result the clients get a huge competitive advantage compared to the other cars for cars with a stick shift it is a fuel conservation of about 15-20% (give or take depending on many factors, such as features of the landscape, road surface, wind resistance, car weight). This idea can either be incorporated in a cruise control mode or used constantly.
For implementing this idea the automatic gear shift needs to be fixed to automatically go into neutral on its own when it's possible and needed (I'll repeat that the automatic gear shift handle is in Drive position) and an electronic gyroscope should be used, so that the car could know when the road slopes.
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Automotive Window Display (AWD) (pretty catchy huh?) Printer Friendly Version
The basis of my idea is automotive safety.
So, there has been much research and development of OLED (oragnic light emitting diod) applications. OLED's can be used to make different tv screens, computer screens, etc. The advantage to OLED technology in a screen is that it uses less energy, is very precise, can be made very thin (3mm), flexible, and transparent. My idea is to cover the inside of the windshield of a car with a transparent OLED screen which you would not notice when driving normally. Initially my idea came from night-vision equipped cars in which there is a display in the instrument panel that shows night-vision from an external camera. This makes driving at night much safer. But, if the entire windshield were to transition to a hi-def night vision shot from various cameras, then it would be like driving with mega-bright headlights without blinding everyone. Obviously this presents quite a bit of problems from people speeding at night, camera failure, transitioning to looking at a big screen, etc. Lots of problems. So, I started thinking a little smaller, for example, a virtual rear-view mirror that showed feed from a rear mounted camera. This would give a tremendously better view behind you. No matter when your head was in relation to the "mirror" it would always show the perfect view in perfect clarity. To the left and right of the rear-view mirror could display your blind spots. Any of these would be able to be turned on and off with the press of a button. These peresent problems as well, but what the hell. You could set your windshield to automatically tint when it was getting very bright. All of this would use more electricity but they are already underway in increasing the size of the battery in cars to accomidate increasing technology. With a windshield effectively working as a screen, there are tons and tons of possibilities, and I know we have the technology to do it. Give me some good feedback here guys. That includes some good criticism. If you stuck with me through this whole thing anyway.
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Safe Driving Printer Friendly Version
Texting and talking on a cell phone has become a huge problem. A way to reduce accidents due to talking or texting on a cell phone while driving is to disarm the cell phone as soon as the car is started or put into gear. A device inserted into the vehicles computer system or another area of the vehicle would make this possible. This would be excellent for parents when having new drivers in the family. Keep in mind this device would only cause the cell phone to not have service when the vehicle is in gear and running. Complete service would be restored when the vehicle is in park and not running or if the vehicle is exited.
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