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Electric Bill Calculator Printer Friendly Version
I thought of this several years ago, but thought that it might be a little zany, so I kept it to myself until now, but after reading some of the other ideas on this site, I decided that I could get away with placing my idea here. To begin with, let me say that there is nothing that pulls my chain harder than a surprise bill from the electric company (the water company or the gas company either). Electric meters (along with other meters) are difficult to read and decipher. My idea is to invent an electronic caluculator that converts kilowatt hours into actual dollar amounts. This device could be a manual input device or one that is actually attached to the meter that instantly converts kilowatts used into the monthly dollar amount. This would permit the average person to see his bill and how much he is spending prior to the bills arrival, allowing the decrease of usage to lower the bill. A similar device could be invented for other types of meters or just one universal one that works for every type.
Reward: A free calculator and recognition for the idea. 

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Using multiple cores in PC's Printer Friendly Version
Up till now, the operating systems in PCs use only the first core in the multicore CPUs. If you pull up the resource monitor in windows, you will see that the second core is only engaged when the first core reaches 100% usage. My idea is to have software developed that would tag each process in a program with an assigned core, assign it a range of memory to use and syncronize the output of the steams in the memory controller with clocking flags -- so that for instance voice and video would be produced at the correct time -- The main idea is to distibute the load of the program over ALL of the available cores simultaneously.
Reward: Increased speed and productivity, lower latency, decreased user wait times 

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Vehicle Top Magnetic Additions Printer Friendly Version
Either you want better Cell response, GPS, CB Radio, Safety Lights, Computer Reception, TV, Satellite, Walky Talky, or Fire Man and Ambulance Warning Lights or just about anything with electricity; you could simply find WiFi inside to outside Electro-Magnet (Battery Magnet) and stick it to your vehicle.
Reward: To stick my hand out the window at 150 MPH in the wrong lane and put out a blue flashing light! 

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