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george g moore
Cheap fast house Printer Friendly Version
I used to make furninture I had a modern spray set-up where the fluid was forced out of the carbided nozzle by physical pressure not by air (Lincoln makes this). The spray salesman at the time and me figured that it would be possible to make a slurry of cement and spray that also.
Now you construct a large rubber bladder, like the bladder of a football, but this one ten feet around and in a bullet shape about ten foot tall. Then you blow up the bladder and you spray on some cement then you add coating of chicken wire then you spray on and on and on building up the layers. When the coating is thick enough and dry you deflate the bladder and take it out the entry-way or the window that you purposedly built in. Then you put it someplace else and inflate it again. All kinds of shapes all kinds of entries permitted, doors and windows. Larger, larger sizes would require pre-stressed steel rods. Oh! and color could be added right off
Reward: can of tuna
french bibles (segond translation) to give away 

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Autos: IR Reflective Windshield/Glass Printer Friendly Version
Cars get HOT in Texas. I mean like deadly hot. Frequently, someone leaves a dog or a child in a car here in Texas and an hour later, tragedy. On a less severe level, another regular occurance is the welts that occur on your legs when wearing shorts when sitting on leather seats that have been baking in the sun.
It would be nice if car companies could use the same IR reflecting technology used in some light bulbs and photo equipment to reflect infrared wavelengths back away from the car window. The car body should still transmit enough heat to keep the inside warm enough. Is it possible to create glass that reflects IR in the scale of a car windshield?
Edit: I was just informed that my idea was good enough to be used by someone.
Reward: Of course, a new car with this in it would be nice! 

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Smart Windshield Washer Sensor Printer Friendly Version
Problem: The "intermittent" wiper setting on my car is often not the right speed. When the rain lets up, it's still too fast and the wiper scrapes. When the rain starts to get harder, it's too slow and I can't see. When I slow up or slow down, the wiper speed doesn't.
Solution: Have a small photo sensor sitting inside the window pointing outside, at a place that is covered by the wiper but not in the view of the driver. The photo sensor sends data to a smart processor - that estimates the rain that's hitting the window and adjusts the wiper blade speed. It could "watch" the wiper blade go by to calibrate the settings of a clear, recently wiped window versus the build up of rain drops between wipes.
Reward: Want one. 

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