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Bottle Balcony Printer Friendly Version
Most people who enjoy the advantages of a balcony not only use it to sit outside in summer, but also to store food and drinks during the cold season.
Obviously, the unfortunate people who don't have a balcony won't be able to sit outside of their windows in summer, but that doesn't mean they can't store their food and drink outside! Introduce the bottle balcony, a safe and easy-to-mount construction that will give you some extra storage space underneath your window.
Reward: One of those, please! 

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Desert houses Printer Friendly Version
Building a house in the desert with very little material. Basically instead of building the house, dig it up. Add on some self tainting glass roof to benefit from all the sun light, a couple of solar panels in the 'underground' garden, which is obviously at the same level as your house (i.e. underground) and some system to recycle water for a month or so, while waiting for the next delivery by truck.
Would be great in Algeria where there is over 2 million squares kilometers of desert to grab and the state gives you free concessions for 99 years. Could turn into an estate (they give up to 100 square kilometers for free) and start up some hi tech, hi added value products business and ensure enough cash for the whole environmentally friendly thing to work out.
Problems: haven't got a clue on the architecture and technical stuff surrounding such a building project?
Reward: A free Saharan dug up house like this. 

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Use-that-other-wall gadget Printer Friendly Version
There's this big fat wall sitting in front of my kitchen window (it's probably the same wall you have in front of your toilet window, or someone else can see from his sleeping room window).
"My" wall is only a couple of feet away from the kitchen window, but it's far enough so I can't touch it when I lean out of the window (and I wouldn't want to try it as Im living on the fourth floor). Still the wall really looks like I should make some cool use of it. If the wall was made of steel, I could use huge magnets and put my shopping lists up there (just like other people do on their fridge doors). Technically I could always write down the shopping list on a piece of paper, stick it in a beamer and project it against the wall, but that's not really the convenience I'm looking for (also it would constantly use up energy). So what I need is a cool idea how I can use that "other" wall which isn't my property and where I'm not allowed to use screws or nails.

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