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Heated Ice Scrapers Printer Friendly Version
One of the most disappointing things about cold winter days is all the ice you have to scrape off your car just to go to school/work/extra-curricular activities. Not only is this a pain for myself to do, but when I get on the road, I see many new, inexperienced drivers who are just too lazy to scrape more than two square centimeters off their windshield, which poses an immense safety risk to anyone driving.
In order to decrease the happening of this, I propose a heated ice scraper. It wouldn't be heated by electrical use, as I'm aware of the dangers that the melted ice would have when combined with electricity. Rather, an exothermic process referred to as "slaking lime" would be used to generate the needed warmth.
In the process of slaking lime, Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) is superheated, which causes it to release CO2 and Calcium Oxide (CaO). Packets containing Calcium Oxide and its reactant, water, in separate sides of a plastic, non-reactant package. When someone wanted to add a quick boost of heat to their defrosting efforts, they would break the package, as one breaks a glowstick. This would produce Calcium Hydroxide (Ca(OH)2), as well as a useful amount of heat.
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Car Seats with A/C or Heat Printer Friendly Version
I live in Florida and am a mom to a 9 month old baby. It gets VERY hot here and I hate putting my baby in her sweltering carseat. I would love it if there were some type of attachment that would allow for the air conditioning to circulate through the seat and cool it off faster. This product would also be beneficial in northern areas during the winter. The product could help warm up the seat for babies who are chilly.
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 New Zealand
Free parking Printer Friendly Version
I hate getting parking tickets, so I sat down and thought of a way to get around it.
When the parking wardens come round, they mark the front tyre closest to the curb with a chalk mark. On their next round, if the chalk mark is still there then they dish out a ticket.
A modified automatic fragance dispenser that are used restrooms can be used to solve this problem. Instead of frangrance, it dispenses a black liquid (or similar) on to the top of the front tyre. When you park at a time limited park, you flick a switch and every 30 minutes or so the unit would fire and the chalk mark would be erased.
The result is free parking.
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