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Design mirrored nail polish Printer Friendly Version
Design mirrored nail polish or clip-on nails such that the wearer can check their face discreetly and at any time.

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Fiber Optic Hair Weaves Printer Friendly Version
Hair weaves hide in the hair and can't be seen. They come in differnet lengths. If fiber optics are made thin enough you could weave them into your hair and they would not be seen at all. Then you could have a belt attachment with batteries and a thin fiber optic wire connected to the weaves, that you could then switch on and be very intensly interesting every where you go. Your hair would be in any color or colors of the rainbow and glow at the same time. Parties, clubs, the mall. Any where you want to be different or noticed.
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Self-Folding Clothes Printer Friendly Version
We all know the tedious and boring chore. Most people detest folding cloths, especially because you have to repeat it on a daily basis. What if we can simplify this process? Why not let the clothes fold themselves? This is NOT a fictitious idea. hear me out.
There is this stuff called memory wire. Basically, through the process of heating and cooling a wire is made with an ability to revert to a specific shape if it is heated up. We could make fabric made from/infused with a mesh of memory wire.
If we want to go all out, we could sell specially made tables/oven-like-thing that heats up to activate this wire- resulting in perfectly folded clothes (just throw that shirt onto the device and the shirt springs into its folded form).
A more affordable/practical way to activate the wire may to submerge it in hot water (this is by far the simplest method, but it may be hazardous and you end up with wet clothes if this product has a cotton element). On the other hand, in my opinion, it is best if the advised method of activating the self-fold function is to simply use a clothes iron. This is obviously all hypothetical, I haven't done any heavy research into the amount of force the wire exerts and how repeatable the process is.
Feel free to critique my idea through a reply to this. I will also be glad if any of you finds inspiration from this idea. Feel free to take it and improve it. Good luck.
Reward: I don't really need any public recognition, but it will be great if you can give me one self-folding product with your signature and a short message recognizing my contribution (It will be my personal treasure). 

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