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Tax card Printer Friendly Version
VAT is not a progressive tax. Therefore a millionaire pays the same for a packet of cigarettes, phone bill, etc. as a single mum. Therefore if we were to pay by plastic could have tax code chipped on card - result being you pay according to your income.

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Tom Potter
Change "fall back" date for Halloween Printer Friendly Version
During Daylight Savings Time clocks are turned forward an hour, effectively moving an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening.
Unfortunately this steals an hour of daylight just before Halloween, and greatly increases the danger to the millions of little children who are rushing the streets in search of candy, while their fathers are madly rushing home to help pass out the goodies,
It would make Halloween much safer for the children and put less stress on the fathers to get home, if the "fall back" of daylight savings time was changed to November 1.

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Improved Online Tax Return Filing Printer Friendly Version
Have the government give taxpayers access to an internet tax return form with all the sources of income that it knows about already entered into it. It already knows all or most of your sources of income because it receives copies of your tax forms.
You would only need to fill in any extra things that the government doesn’t know about, if any, and then click submit and your taxes would be filed. That would take just minutes. The computer would calculate how much refund you get. Employers and banks could just submit their information online to the government instead of sending tax forms to the tax payer. Then that information could be used by the government computers to create a tax return for each taxpayer.
People without a computer could be given access to government computers. You could save millions of man-hours every year by making it easier for taxpayers to file their taxes. Additionally you would cut down on the paper and mailing costs associated with paper tax returns.
Reward: To not have to fill out another paper tax return. 

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