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 Dominican Republic
Eyes on top Printer Friendly Version
Let's say there is a device that identifies certain frequencies and their origin. Put one of them in the top of each light post (or at least one in three) and a camera. Then adjust this device to detect the noise of a gun shot. It will activate the camera aiming towards the noise source. It could help to identify criminal situations and will stop crime somehow, since they will know that can be viewed.
Reward: Safer streets 

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Amusement Parks For Physically Challenged And The Elderly Printer Friendly Version
If we can design rides and themes of the eras that once were but are now forgotten (20's, 30's, etc.) then we could entertain those who (how ever rude this may sound) live in their past like most everybody else of all ages, then we could have entertainment billed for a large audience not seen using modern technology to enhance the past. An audience of millions not taylored to yet making this a very lucrative business opportunity. The two don't often go together, but "Gone With The Wind" on a roller coaster that can go any speed, accomodate any size or weight of person and have panic stop buttons as well as extra support from personal guides and the equipment itself I think we can all live it up once in a while, and the many growing retirement homes could have great group rates making going there a little more exciting.
Instead of a short cartoon and "It's a small World after all" playing we could have the ultimate old time experience with advanced and enhanced films and documentaries from all the past you can handle. You might even want to have special days for every decade. With walker and wheel chair accessibility on every thing (including the rides), you could give those in their late years a renewed spirit for what once was that was created for the better, for the younger generations to enjoy in relative safety from the dangers of the past.
Reward: Too see that our lesser seen are in the lime light at least once in a while instead of hidden from society. 

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Tom Potter
Handling Dosmetic Quarrels Printer Friendly Version
Police are often called to settle domestic quarrels, and frequently the police end up injuring, and sometimes even killing someone.
I suggest that a better way to handle a highly charged domestic quarrel, would be for the police to have a special unit dressed in Kevlar clown outfits, charge in, accompanied by the loud playing of music and laughter, shooting seltzer water at the arguing persons, and clubbing them with soft rubber hammers.

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