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Accommodation for the homeless Printer Friendly Version
This system will bridge the gap between homelessness and working class. It's a system where people can work for a few hours and in return are given points they can exchange for accommodation. There are 300,000 homeless people of working age in England even more in the US. My inspiration has come from homeless people that work in third world countries. Local businesses that contribute will outsource work to the homeless on a minimum rate per hour bases. The work could be carried out at a local center not far from the accommodation and the homeless population. The type of work could vary from sorting, packing, stripping, cleaning, making furniture etc. 3-4 hours worth of work equals one room for the night. The quality of work will be monitored and the more hours completed the more points they get added onto their account.
Homeless people want a place where they can stay safe, warm with privacy and freedom. This block of apartments will give them that. The place will have a check in, security and cleaning system similar to hotels. The room sizes will be similar to student accommodation as well as shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. To keep the cost low the rooms will be somewhat plain. The place will separate females from males and couples.
This system could even be a business that makes a little profit. Local businesses that get involved will benefit by recognition and low cost labor, and the homeless get good night sleep feel better overall.
Reward: Fame and fortune 

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Bose wave noise cancellation for drivers Printer Friendly Version
My idea would be to incorporate Bose' noise-cancellation technology, as an option, into autombiles, fine tuned with a noise gate to eliminate only those high-pitched noises in direct proximity to the driver: for example, the constant yammering from the woman in the passenger's seat.
Reward: A new sofa bed for the living room. I have a feeling I'll be needing one soon. 

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Star-wars style mosquito zapper Printer Friendly Version
General Description:
I really dislike being woken by mosquitos during the night buzzing around my ears or biting me. The basic idea I have is to create a star-wars style laser based mozzie zapper that will work most effectively during the sleeping hours of the night. The zapper will be chemical free, which will make it safe to use in a babies room or for people with allergies.
To understand the method of implementation, a number of facts are required to be understood...
* The audio frequency created by the beating of a mosquitos wings is within a particular range of frequencies - This allows us to target that specific frequency range.
* An accurate point in space can be pin-pointed using triangulation.
* A laser can have it's output wavelength adjusted to effect objects of particular thicknesses (this works using resonant theory) and can have it's pulse adjusted allowing it to be most effective at a specific focal point.
Method of implimentation:
* Set up a room with four or more sensitive microphones - three of them must be evenly spaced around the upper circumference of the room and the fourth (and others added for accuracy to get around obsticles such as furniture etc) will need to be added to the lowest point of the room - at least four listening points are required to triangulate in three dimensions.
* The audio signal collected by the microphones is filtered to "listen" to only the frequency range that is emitted by mosquito wings.
* When the microphones detect a point source emitting audio within this frequency (ie - they "hear" a mozzie) the exact location in the room can be identified using triangulation.
* The correct pulse rate can then be calculated by the main system and the laser can be focused to the exact location in the room.
* At this point the laser is pulsed - which basically burns the wings off the mozzie. The mozzie will then die relatively quickly after the wings have been cooked off if not from trauma, then from starvation... Regardless, the mozzie will not be flying around any more.
* The mozzies can then simply be swept or vacuumed up in the morning.
* Due to the fact that the laser will be focussed to that point and the pulse width can be adjusted to suite, there is no chance of cooking your curtains or anything silly like that.
* No chemicals
* Safe
* Cost of manufactrue, and therefore cost to consumer.
Reward: free lifetime personal use of the finished product 

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