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Shrinky Dink Rubber Drawing Pad Printer Friendly Version
If you start with a certain sized plastic board and put clips or clamps at the corners, then you can stretch out any shaped piece of rubber and draw on it. The further the rubber is stretched the better the effect on the rubber. First you stretch the rubber then you draw on it then you release the rubber from its clips. The shrinking of the rubber creates a very unique effect that is better and much like the old shrinky dink oven baked shinking plastic. The things you draw on the rubber shrink and look like some fantasy version of the drawn picture or word or what ever it is you drew on it. It is hard to explain, but easy to do. Buy a balloon and lightly draw on it then deflate it and you will see that the image changes and it also compacts making everything look like a logo type drawing. A must have for all those kids who need a creative outlet and a new idea that will thrill them every time they make a new drawing on there pads!
It could also be washable and water soluable so that you could reuse all the same parts including the rubber sheets that get stretched.
Reward: Four of these for my sister's children. 

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Wireless Broadcasting of TV channels Printer Friendly Version
Why not have a TV receiver that can simultaneously translate up to 20 channels and send them wirelessly AKA broadcast them to the other TV's in the home. Room A wants to watch channel 2. Room A tunes their TV to channel 2 and the TV transmits to the receiver telling it to broadcast channel 2, therefore allowing the TVs in any room to receive channel 2. Up to 20 different TVs could tell the receiver to transmit a different channel. This would allow the simultaneous recording/watching of up to 20 channels in different rooms.
In addition allow any one TV to ask the receiver for up to five channels (for viewing and for recording), allowing you to record four channels simultaneously while being free to watch your TV program in real time all on one TV set.
If four TVs were each recording their max. of four unique channels and each of the four were displaying a unique program in real time, this would mean the receiver was broadcasting its maximum 20 unique channels.
Do I watch too much TV? No, but all the good stuff is on at the same time!
Reward: Recognition for the idea 

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Full Body (Sock Material) Jump Suit Printer Friendly Version
Thick, warm, versatile, obsorbant, breathable, very cofortable, designish, unique and novel just to name a few qualities of taking an average running shoe sports sock material and adding a zipper in the front and wearing it as a full body suit. You could design them to look like any kinds of clothing. You could make it a two piece outfit with tops and bottoms if you wish. Other clothes are made with similar materials but are not woven the same and this kind of sock material would be expensive but worth the cost. Besides, an idea doesn't have to be cheap to be good. If you've got the cash then we've got the goods! Ha!
Reward: One that doesn't look like my socks... 

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