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Advanced skills nurturing Printer Friendly Version
In China and Russia, amongst others kids with a talent are taken and are taught to use this talent to the fullest. Some of the worlds greatest painters, musicians, athletes, mathmaticians, etc. have been made this way.
Schooling in the UK produces boring unremarkable individuals with mediocre skills. I would suggest all children should have the same education however some talented and hard working kids should be offered an education with a specialisation. These kids should be taught a subject to an extremley advanced level. Later in life these people with advanced skills should find it alot easer to get sponsorship to universities and ill always have the advanced skill to fall back on.
Reward: Brighter more interesting people would be the reward. 

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"What I liked about my childhood"-database Printer Friendly Version
If you have sisters and brothers, you will, as you get older, sometimes discuss the old times. Pretty often, you'll come across things your parents did that were just awesome (e.g. when you had to go for a vaccination and were brave instead of wailing around and terrorizing everybody else, you would get a matchbox car - what a great idea!) On the other hand, you'll come across a lot of stuff you virtually hated (e.g. you were forced to play a violin - and yuck, you still can't listen to classical music without getting the creeps).
Wouldn't it make sense to collect these - good and bad - ideas in a database? I mean, it's true that nobody can practise to be parents until it happens, and you can't learn it either. But it's not entirely necessary that the same mistakes are made from generation to generation, while all the good ideas get lost. And it's not exactly the educators who can tell you how to do it right - listening to those who can still remember the ups and downs of their own childhood is definitely the better choice.
Reward: Seeing less poorly-mannered children and traumatized grown-ups 

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Spinning Fan Blades meet Megaphone Printer Friendly Version
I had realized that all children are fascinated with the neat sound effects and voice sounds you get from speaking through a mega-phone (and its effects) and seperately a regular spinning fan to cool yourself off with. Besides all the other things you could place at the end of a mega-phone; I was thinking that the sounds and voices coming through a mega-phone would sound really cool if it passed through the mega-phone and then spinning fan blades for the effects. Kids would love it!
Different speeds, the other effects would alter and you could make some pretty freaky effects for something like a Halloween party or any other time you really want to freak someone out. "Luke... I am your Father!"
Reward: Free product or the proto-type... I will enscribe it myself. 

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