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Mobile Radio TV Printer Friendly Version
Internet connection can be accessed as one connection even with multiple telephone lines. Even though Telephone lines are Sound carriers they can be used to send Digital signals, with multiple telephone internet connection we can get full blown Internet TV.
So I propose that with creation of a Radio Modem that can convert analog radio signal into digital ones in combination of multiple radio frequency we can get Television from radio stations.
The broadcasting of multiple digital signals can be done at very close and adjacent frequencies.
Reward: If you the reader of this Idea really wants to have an MOBILE Radio TV with you, then only you can help in doing so, its simple - just do the following: Send everybody in your address book an email saying: Go to http://www.CreativityPool.com and search "zyx" 

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Celebrate Education every Month Printer Friendly Version
I have seen students suffer when their year is down (failed), some have even committed sucide. This happens because students start studying when exam comes close by and there is too much accumulation of syllabus.
Hence the solution lies in creating 10 standards out of today's every class, i.e. if students passes today's sixth class then it will be termed as 60th in the new system. There will be only one final exam consisting of all subjects thought for that month, i.e. in a year there will be 10 exams and each of one month's syllabus.
In this system students will study at the end of every month and the best of all is that if they fail then they will lose only one month of their life, i.e. if one fails in std 11 then he remains there for next month only because std 11 will be only for one month.
Please tell this idea to education authorities if u know any.
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WiFi Cell Phone "Go To My" Dummy Terminal Printer Friendly Version
Just drop your cell down phone next to any dummy terminal and your phone automatically connects WiFi your Office Computer to any Dummy Terminal any where with the addition of the WiFi Modem Installed On The Dummy Terminal. Take your office to any where they have the WiFi Dummy!
Of course you would need to convince the entire World to use Wifi, Dummy Terminals!
The cell phone is much cheaper in traveling than a lap top and smaller too!
Put them in Hotels, Air Ports, Sea Ports, Schools, Libraries. Very Private and personal (Phone Number and Phone Company Safety Bsck-ups). While purchasing a book you could simply upload it too your away computer from your phone. Puchase software at the store through the phone instantly transfering all forms of media directly to a computer though the cell phone. Buy anything that has anything to do with everyting you want to buy!
Reward: Saving cost and improving time and ease of use! 

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