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Jacy Morris
The "Reacher" Printer Friendly Version
Since I was a little girl I've read at night or something, and not wanted to get up and turn off the light. I also am very short at 5 feet 1, and it's very difficult for me to reach things on high cabinets and such. I've dreamed of an electronic "reacher" that would turn off the light for me, and grab things that were too far for me to reach. So this is the idea I bring today. An electronic hand that is activated by a control panell on the base like a remote control. It would extend up to 10 feet on command, and grab, or turn off anything you needed or wanted it to. It would be small enough to carry in your purse or book-bag, like an umbrella, and always be there to do what you can't, or don't want to do. A miracle the short and lazy people have been praying for.

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Flexible Ergonomical Pens And Pencils Printer Friendly Version
An extra long flexible, bendable pen or liquid pencil to ergonomically flex and wrap in any direction around your fingers and hand. This would fight pain and fatigue when hand writing. This pencil could come with a glove the helps facilitate and stabalize and hold the writing utensil in the proper position so that no improper angles or accidental slipage would occur. The longer pen or pencil would provide more ink or lead and wrap up tightly for small, easy storage for any pocket, note book or binder. It could be made from a large variety of materials from rubber to twisted plastic or twisted metal...
Reward: A gold pen and pencil set of this type to give as a gift to my mother. 

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Kids Compartments in Trains Printer Friendly Version
There are compartments for smokers and non-smokers, there are even women's compartments. Now, why aren't there any compartments for kids?
A lot of people (like myself) enjoy a peaceful train ride. They can do some work, read a book, or simply take a nap. However, all of this is suddenly over if a small child enters the place. I've experienced unbelievable scenes in the last years, including hours of hysterical screaming and provocative stomping around. One time I've even had a used diaper flung in my direction. The mother's only reaction was to be amused about how her little sweatheart had done the trick.
Now, the point is, I really don't care how other people bring up their kids. However, most PARENTS have bad manners and don't realize that not everything their little ones might be doing is necessarily a treat to everybody else. The easiest solution would be to create kids' compartments. Everyone would benefit, most of all the children who would get a chance to play with other kids during the train ride, which would make their trip much more enjoyable.
Reward: A free train ticket. 

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