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Action Pizza! Printer Friendly Version
Did you ever find yourself sitting in front of the oven waiting for your food to be done? Watching the cheese on your pizza melt can lack the excitement you may find desirable, so introduce "Action Pizza!" - Action Pizza! combines the calories of your evening meal with the excitement of a table firework. The firework is launched by the heat of your oven, and provided that you stick to the temperature and cooking time recommended on the package, the whole program should be pretty predictable.
The only thing that needs to be solved is that the show shouldn't poison your food. Hm... does anyone know of edible firecrackers?
Reward: A freezer full of free Action Pizza! 

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Revised Keyboard Printer Friendly Version
Did you know that standard letters on a keyboard are not set up to make it easier to type but the opposite. They were arranged early in the 1900's to make it the hardest to use for a specific odd reason and that has never changed?
If we arrange the letters around and place the letters used most (for instance) at the easiest point to type them then we would have a better and faster keyboard. I say we go a step further and rearrange the entire keyboard (not just letters) and add extra enter buttons, space bars etc. in different areas making multiple spots for the easiest places to hit the keys when and where appropriate. Also, I would like to not have to program all the function keys to do different things but combine certain used combinations of keys into one key, like one key for Control/Alt/Delete and other commands. The faster we can work the more gets done!
Reward: To make typing easier... 

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"Two angles - two programs" TV screen Printer Friendly Version
I wonder why so many ideas are about inventing the perfect TV...
Anyway, here's another one. ;) You probably know those postcards where you can flip the card and suddenly you see a different image. I've also seem money machines where the screen will turn black when you're standing just a few degrees away from the center of the screen.
Why not combine both, and invent a TV screen that will show two or even three different programs depending on your viewing angle?
Ever noticed that when you go to a pub to watch football, there are only men watching? Solve the problem by showing the shopping channel or the Chippendales on the same screen, just from a diffent angle. Ever had discussions in your family about what program to watch? No big deal! The smaller kids (who are sitting on the floor) can watch Disney, while mom (or dad), who is busy ironing, can see her favorite soap opera on the same screen.
Reward: Such a TV for free. 

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