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1st person shooter/virus scanner Printer Friendly Version
My idea is to combine a virus scanner with a 1st person shooter (eg: quake). The program could be run in different modes:
1/ Scan your machine for viruses = serious virus scanner with std anti-virus type gui.
2/ Play the built in game independently of virus scanner = self explanitory.
3/ Scan your machine with game front end = Game starts - virus scanner scans your machine in the background while you play the game. The game would be just like any other 1st person shooter - mazes, bad guys, etc. Any viruses found would spawn new "Special Bad Guys" in your vicinity in the maze - a new bad guy for each virus found. The bad guys could have descriptive labels above their heads to signify that they are indeed a virus, and of what variety. When you kill the bad guy, the virus is deleted. At the end of the scan you would have the option to continue the game, or quit. Quitting would automatically delete/cure any viruses that you missed killing off in the game. If your machine is badly infected and there are too many bad guys to kill off - you would be presented with an option to return to the serious antivirus front end to save on system resources.
Reward: Free product and lifetime upgrades 

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Homesteading for the Homeless Printer Friendly Version
Almost every large American city has vast tracts of unutilized or underutilized land, usually located in proximity to very expensive, highly utilized land. Every city also has large and increasing numbers of homeless folk, and you can't help but notice that these two phenomena go hand in hand. Often, this land contains improvements, consisting mostly of abondoned and deteriorated residential and commercial structures, and is owned by the city, having been abondoned by its previous owners with taxes and liens against it.
Why not parcel this land out to the homeless to be homesteaded by them. Homesteading lets you establish your ownership of the land by occupying and improving it - you have a time frame during which you must occupy the land and must work it or improve it.
Building codes could be relaxed to permit simpler dwellings with say, two apts and a shared bath and kitchen, and the bureacracy involved in obtaining easements, permits, etc. simplified to bring down the cost further.
Other groups of people in addition to the homeless could benefit greatly from such a homesteading program, such as collectives of artists, authors, musicians, mad scientists. It would also put property back on the tax rolls and revive areas that have been completely abondoned.
Reward: An old bank building of my very own to homestead. 

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What if your belongings could TALK Printer Friendly Version
I lose things all the time. My cell phone, the remote, my purse, all sorts of objects are constantly squirting out of my grasp and getting lost, and I then spend countless hours searching... okay it's not that extreme, but it is annoying to lose stuff in your house and wander around looking for it.
The product I imagine is a small round device with a button and a tiny speaker, with some adhesive on the back, you could peel and stick onto any item you are always losing. It uses voice recognition software similar to the way your cell phone can dial off voice commands. You hit the button to program it with that item's name. Or you could name it anything you like - name your purse Louis if you are so inclined. Then your item would be able to call out to you to aid in your search. You could call out "remote?" and your remote would either beep or answer back "here I am!". I imagine selling a package of these on TV commercials ("operators are standing by") for one lowlow price.
I have seen a similar product sold by Sharper Image, but it didn't use voice recognition, and it had a base unit which was enormous, and the tags to apply to your belongings were huge. Maybe technology can't make it small enough...
Reward: free product, credit for the idea~ 

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