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Protective Baby Foam Printer Friendly Version
I have recently become a new dad, as my daughter was beginning to crawl around and now starts to learn to work she often falls and comes close to hitting herself on our furniture (e.g. coffee table).
I think it shouldn't be too hard to create some type of semi-permanent hardening foam, that one could spray around sharp edges of wood / plastic.
The compound would need to form a good seal but also be able to be easily removed when needed without doing damange to the underlying material.
I would be interested in buying such a product if it were say under $5 for the can.
Reward: Free can of this stuff - Thank-you notice 

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Water-Proof Sand And Debris Repellent Lotion Printer Friendly Version
Imagine going into a lake, a pond, or especially the ocean or bay and laying down in the sand to absorb the healing sun's rays only to stand up and realize that not only that you can't tan on the other side, but your entire back side is covered in sand that you would only make a bigger mess trying to towel it off (sand, towels and the daily wash don't go together very well). If you sit there for over an hour you might dry out and the sand sticks a little less but is still there. If you could lie down anywhere and not have things stick to you just by applying a nice smelling skin lotion, then wouldn't you want to do that? You could make a spray on lotion and coat your clothing too so you don't have sandy shorts or swim suits all day.
Reward: $1,000,000,000,000 or a free supply of this lotion at your own discretion. 

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Whole Body Acupressure Suit Printer Friendly Version
Acupressure works and especially in Hoistic, Eastern Mysticism and Natureopathic medine combined with acupressure and sometimes acupuncture. If you could dawn a suit much like a spandex body suit all fitted with small motors (thousands of tight fitting, rotating, non-spherical motors) they could fit over all the acupressure points then they would apply constant rotating pressure to all or your choice of pressure points (depending on the problems you're trying to fix). It could be used for any medical purpose from relaxing to quitting smoking and be used as a heating pad application or other uses. Anything that is making you sick or bothering you would get better in minutes!
That is if
you believe in acupressure at all. You should try some pressure points and feel the general effects. It really works!
Reward: The revised model. The comfortable one! 

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