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Meal Cooking Machines Printer Friendly Version
One thing all humans need every day is food. Buying and then cooking your own food can take up several hours each day. What if we made a machine that cooked every meal for you and then automatically restocked itself? To save money, the machine would first be marketed to small neighborhoods or the rich. It would contain an assortment of meals as voted by its users. Though it would only cook one or two different foods each meal. At first these machines would create simple meals like pasta and hot dogs. When the machines become more complex they might cook chicken, soups, salads and breads. Automatic machines would restore each ingredient when it becomes low. It would do this by using the internet to place an order. The order could be processed by other machines that would restock the low ingredients. Some of the ingredients could be refrigerated or frozen to keep for a longer time. While the techology to make this system may be available, to actually create it would be hard.
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Gas / propane / butane alarm Printer Friendly Version
Gas / propane / butane alarm, that would measure amount of gas in the room. With sound/light alarm when it reaches critical values. Connected to phone line so it could call police after 1 minute (time to disengage fake alarms). Together with backup battery. Also, maybe a signal for emty battery, when there is no power grid.

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Foot Mop Printer Friendly Version
With a shoe that is water proof like an aqua sock you can add Velcro to the entire bottom suface and any towel will stick too it. You can also stick any kind of mopping type rag to it like those new mops have. Any product they make, that can velcro onto those new mops, can be velcroed to your feet. Instead of using all that arm strength in a prone and uncomfortable position you can simply walk and step and slide across the floor even to apply wax to do all kinds of surfaces from wood to linoleum. What would be easier than that?! Nothing. You are simply sliding across a floor and with towels on your feet you wont even slip like you would in shoes when you use a regular mop. You would then be using all your natural weight to clean better than using a little uneven pressure from a stick mop.
Your feet do all the work and the shoes could come in all sizes for men and women and they would last years. You could get these shoes for everyone and it would be fun for all the kids to wear them and mop or wax the floor for you. No more work when the work turns into fun!
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