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Kily Vilie
Robot Feeder Printer Friendly Version
Every Night I have to feed my dog. It's such a pain. I wish there would be a friggin' robot that feeds my dog and walks him and does all that stuff. Oh, if only that was true!
Reward: You don't have to feed your dog nor walk him/her. 

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Jason Anderson
Miniature Refrigerator for Pet Food Printer Friendly Version
I have in mind a miniature refrigerator for both cat and dog food, which would come in different sizes and number of bowls depending on how many animals the potential customer has. The fridge would be high enough for whatever pet you have, hence the different sizes. It would be stainless steel all over with an attached water cooled filter for constant fresh water. The whole unit which I perceive as being relatively small in most cases is powered by electricity for ongoing climate control just as in our refrigerators.
The front area where the animals will eat will be high enough so as to make eating a pleasure for the pet. The food will be kept cool by strips of clear rubber flaps so as the pet can push through and eat whenever they please. There should also be some of an insect repellent strip at the front hinge of the fridge which is odourless and harmless to the pet. This will hence keep flies and ants away from the food. The bowls will be removable and stainless steel so as we can clean and replace food every couple of days. The plastic or rubber door strips at the front of the fridge will be able to be removed like curtains so as to make cleaning easier.
The owners will benefit evenly from this as they will not have to worry about food going of and giving the pet water everyday, they can make it every second or third day depending on the situation. There will also be a hose attachment so as the machine can go through a rinse cycle with disinfectant once per week. The hose will be of the washing machine type that will come with a universal attachment so all homes can clean the unit regularly.
All in all this unit should be fairly cheap especially for the single small unit for cats and toy dogs, the larger units would be a little dearer however each unit would come with a 5 year warranty so people would only have to outlay the initial cost and not have to worry about replacing chewed up dishes and dishes being mowed etc.
Reward: I have two cats and two dogs which are looking forward to a free specimen of the Pet Food Refrigerator. 

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Sylfest Muldal
 United Kingdom
Mobile Cats' Ears For Cat Owners Printer Friendly Version
All owners would love to communicate better with their pets, but all of us have our physical shortcomings. Cats can't talk, and humans lack the expressive ears and tail movements used by cats to show their moods. I'm told that to horses, humans appear permanently aggressive because our ears "aren't sticking up in a friendly manner". Similarly, your cat must gaze at your "ear-less" face, wondering what on earth you're thinking.
Large, artificial cats' ears can be fitted to the owner's head. These should be capable of being raised/lowered and rotated in both directions. The budget version uses pull cords and circular springs, but nowadays most people can afford the remote-controlled motorized model. Beginners use "lock" mode, whereas independent left-ear/right-ear movements are favoured by experienced users (and their cats). And why not mobile tails, too? My hunch is that they would work just as well if you attached them conveniently to the top of your head.
This invention encourages people to pay attention to their pets and really try to understand them. Vets and lion-tamers might also find them a life-saver.
Reward: The device should be named after my family's exceptional cat, Max. 

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